Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Totally Random Tuesday

It has been really busy around these parts!! I don't even know why orcwit what but I am so exhausted!
*This last weekend we went in to Nola. It was an okay time. I caught a 4-ish lb catfish and had such a hard time reeling it in. Ryan had to help me! Haha
*lexi is doing great post surgery- speech wise! She still isn't a sleeper though. Honestly, I am Not sure she eill ever sleep through the night. I need to get really serious about sleep training though, because this mama is tired!
*Louisiana moms- comment with your emsil address bc they have this new blog (one of the founders blogs at Happiness is- New Orleans mom blog! It is going to be a great resource to get involved in yiur community and make mom friends. There are so many giveawaya during launch week- in one week! I am so excited! Fear not- it involves the Northshore too :) Just leave your email address and I will forward it to ya!
*lexi's bday preparations are well under wAy and I am very excited about that.
*i am ready for fall & christmas ths year! Pinterest has so many awesome fall recipes & christmas activities, I can't wait. It is such a fun time of year. Plus, this year I really think Lexi will understand a good bit more.
I think that is really all that is going on here. How about yall? Enjoying summer? Family doing good?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Surgery Recap!

Sorry I went a little MIA! The last couple days have been an exhausting whirlwind. Lexi's surgery was scheduled for 8:15am but we had to be there at 7:15 so they could get her signed in and prepped. It actually could not habe gone any better! She went with he nurse back To anesthesia all by herself, with no tears! By the time we sat down as got comfy in the waiting area our doctor was waiting to talk to us. She expained that her ears were HORRIBLE! There was alot of puss and fluid in there and she said that is probably causing Lexi alot of pain. She just gave us ear drops and talked. One thing that really aggravated me was that she mentioned Lexi's amber teething necklace was a 'choking hazard'. Why on earth would I put my Kid in danger? It was really frustrating! And then EVERY.SINGLE.NURSE that we saw (there were about 6) mentioned how here necklace was a 'choking hazard'. It was so aggravating! I was very annoyed when we left. If it was such a hazard why didn't they take it off?? Anyway, when we walked back to see her she was awake and coming off the anesthesia. It was heartbreaking! She had this new pitiful cry And kept trying to grab inside her throat. She would relax for about 30 seconds and then start crying. I was so upset. I couldn't handle it so I handed her to Ryan and she calmed down a good bit! I felt like an awful mother but It was too heartbreaking. We headed home About an hour after her surgery was completed. It was overall pretty easy. Since then though, has been rough. I think they broke my baby! She has been so fussy and whiney, I can barely believe it. Please pray for patience to make it through this week. It has been a rough one!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Life Lately!

Life lately has been keeping us busy. Between being a mom, wife, employee, daughter, and friend it has been craziness! Ryan works every other weekend so we try to get out as much as we can but typically every other weekend is so.busy.
One weekend we went to this lottle beach area at the river and we had a blast! Lexi loved it and it was quiet and just a fun time. My cousin Abbi got married as well, so one weekend we had her wedding. We also had a few trips to Cracker Barrel (which I used to HATE and now I beg to go!). And a Pinterest dress project that I am too scared to wear. We had some
Best friend time with Mali. And getting Diet Coke Shwasted! Riding a zebra at the doctor office and Second bday preparations. And of course, deciding that rain boots are absolutely necessary with a summer romper. Even if it doesn't match! She must have good intuition on something because while we were out it started pouring unexpectedly! Silly girl. Here are all the pics in no specific order.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fanily Pics!

While we were in Missouri we were all dresses up on Saturday aftee the funeral so we figured it was the perfect time For some family pics! We didn't get many, but the few we got turned out awesome! Thanks to my sis for her camera and editing them. The pic of her, lexi, and myself and our new family pic is my favorites! They are all great though. Thanks sis!


Monday we went to the ENT for our appointment with her. I went in with zero expectations, just because with our other doctor we never got answers/results. Boy was this a welcome change and sigh of relief! We found out that these '3' ear infections were in fact 1 that never fully healed! We also found out thAt Lexi's allergies are contributing to the ear infections but aren't the main cause! The main cause is her adanoids and improper drainage. So the doctor made the choice to put in tubes and scraper & sauterize her adanoids. She will be under general anesthesia and it is a real surgery. Both procedures should tAke about 15 minutes total! She can't eat anything after midnight, which is going to be hard for her because the girl wakes up asking for food. They said to be prepared because when she wakes up and comes off the anesthesia she will be in a lot of pain and crying inconsolably! They said this is a normal reaction and it will pass. Then she has to eat puddings, yogurts, popsicles, etc. For a couple days. If you could join us in prayer, we would greatly appreciate it! How you can pray:
*for a quick and easy procedure with no complications
*no reaction to the anesthesia (my mom is allergic to it and I had a little reaction to)
*that this procedure fixes all her probs and the tubes don't fall out.
Thanks in advance for the prayers! I am nervous about it, just because it is surgery. Also because you hear od babies goinf under and never waking up. That scares me to death! I will keep yall updated on everything as it gets closers! Thanks :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend Rewind!

This past weekend we headed to Missouri for a funeral. While it was a long drive and a sad reason to go in, it was a great trip! We left Thursday night after Ryan got off work and got to my parents about 4am. We then took a 2 hour nap and headed to breakfast with one of my buddies from school Josh & his girlfriend, Lindsay! His parents also came to drop by and catch up and see the baby. It was a good time and I am glad I got to see them and meet Lindsay! Josh is very close to my heart, we go back. He is one of the two people I still talk to that I graduated with! Then we went home and attempted to nap and decided to go to lunch at my parents' restaurant! It was delicious! Then we headed home to hang out and be lazy. My sister and I decides that we wanted to swim that night so we dumped out the million tadpoles in her pool and filled it back up! Once mom got home we decided to let her babysit and go run to walmart and the chinese restaurant for alcohol and food!
The next morning we had the memorial service for Mr. Ray. It was so very sad! All my memories with him rushed back to me and it was such a sad day. My heart breaks for Mrs. Sharon, And the rest of the family! Whitney, his grand daughter, read an essay she wrote for school about him and man, it broke my heart! She was hurting so bad. And Mrs. Sharon made Angela and I cry, being sweet! Mr. Ray is in such a better place. It is a bittersweet thing.
After that we all went home and took pics and got ready for dinner. Then after, mom & dad watched Lexi again so we could swim in the pool. The weirdest thing about the weekend is that Lexi would not go to my dad! I mean would not! Anytime he would come Near her, she would flip. If he looked at her, touched her, said her name, etc. She would get so upset! I have no idea why. It was so strange. He was very hurt by that though.
I also got to meet my sisters' boyfriend, Cody, who is my future brother-in-law! I was really excited to meet him Finally! Him and Ryan hit it off immediately and we spent alot of time with them. Lexi loved Aunt A and was even pretty fond of Uncle C! He was her play toy, haha! We got to see a bunch of close family and friends and overall it was a great trip! I am going to post about out ENT appt tomorrow! Here are the few oics we took! My sis has some too but she has to edit them. Once she does, I will post them! P.S. I have a busted lip- courtesy of lexi! Anyone have any ideas to heal it up faster?