Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

We are settling into our new house slowly but surely! little cupcake baby is having a blast, as usual!! Here is what she has been up to! Maybe this means she will sleep great tonight? ;)

Sorry for the nakey one, wasn't going to post it but it was too cute :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

weekend review

This weekend was a great bday weekend!! A bbq friday night with some great friends! I didn't even take any pics bc it was so busy! There were 5 babies the youngest 8 months and oldest 10 months! The kids had as blast as did the parents!! We were up pretty late and Lexi slept by herself from 12-4!! Score! We woke up Saturday morning and just hung out, I started to figure out my embroidery machine and what I would need to get started. Lexi woke up at 8 to eat then back to bed until 11:30! She was a tired baby from the night before. Then my friend April and I took a trip to Hancock fabrics to get what I needed, it was very overwhelming but I got almost everything!! Then I came back here ate, went visit my grandpa and Great Aunt and we were supposed to head to a baby shower but instead went to spend some more bday money! We headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond (which reminds me of Click everytime i go there, ha!) and bought two little black storage ottomans and a little desk for my newest bday present :) its very cute and I got a killer deal on all of it! Once we get settled in the new house, I will post pics! Then we came home, Ryan and Lexi napped and I worked on embroidery machine, and later that night we headed to the casino which was so lame!! I waited 21 years in anticipation for that? Wowzers!! I didn't even have a single drink this weekend, ha! but thats okay with me, alcohol isn't my thing at all! Yesterday we went and got our new temporary place and headed home to pack. Gabby, Mike, and Neela came over to hang out before we move TOMORROW! yep you heard me right, we are moving tomorrow!! On our way to the temp house yest our landlord txt us with fantastic news- he rented out our side and we are out of the lease as of Oct 1st!! God is Good!! Such a blessing!!! So I bought some packing tape and  beer for the hubs last night and headed home to pack. Today I am supposed to be packing but some adorable little 9 month old doesn't think its necessary! We are beginning to move tom morning at 7:30 and I am going to be up all night packing bc I have only half the house packed ha!!
So blogging is going to be hit and miss for now until we get settled and internet and all that jazz, so please bare with me! Hope everyone has a blessed week!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Pre-Birthday Fun!

Today I got my embroidery machine in and can't wait for the hubs to get home so I can open it! I have already bookmarked some things I want/need for it! I did a little advanced shopping ;) Tonight we are having a bbq to celebrate my bday some great friends! there will be lots of babies, food, and fun! I am very excited!! Tomorrow I have a baby shower and am going to do birthday shopping with the family! and maybe dinner and a movie with the hubs if someone can watch Lexi! Sunday we are going check out a temporary house til we find someone to rent the house we are currently in. We have pretty much decided to move in there, the landlord just needs to meet Lexi and I so that's what we are doing Sunday! Then if everything works out like we are expecting Tuesday and Wednesday will be moving day! I think what we are going to do is clear out almost this whole house and move everything to the new place and give this one a really good cleaning, so its ready when the landlord shows it. Then when it is finally rented we will prbably get the rest of the stuff out then and move it to storage! Lots of work but so worth it. Excited, nervous, and anxious for this new chapter in our lives! Hope everyone has a great weekend, we are off to finish cleaning and packing!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Banning of the Birthday!

This has been one crazy week and I am so ready for it to be over! it has been terrible, seriously! this is my birthday week and it was supposed to be a good one and so far to be quite honest, it has SUCKED! From sickness, to busted lips, to Lexi deciding my iphone needed a bath, to yeast rashes and stripping of cloth diapers and switching to sposies til its cleared up,  to my mother in law pushing me to the limit and me losing it! I am just going to be thankful for my blessing and do a thankful post. But last year my bday week was terrible and i got in a car accident pregnant, on my bday, in my bday present and this year the week of it has been terrible so I don't think it is safe for me to drive on Saturday. I told the hubs and my mommy they should just ban my bday and I think its a great plan!!
Today I am thankful...
*My wonderful hubby and beautiful baby girl
*Lexi is 17 lbs and 8 oz, 27 inches, with a 17 1/2 inch head circumfrence! Which puts her in the 25th percentile for weight, 23 for her length, and 21st for her noggin (even though i think her noggin is huge ha!)
*that the hubs got me an embroidery and sewing machine for my bday! i am SO ECSTATIC!!! he is such a great hubs!
*for friends that will bring you and your baby to dr appt just because your hubs has the car
*my mommy and daddy who love me very much!
*contact with my nanny who I haven't heard from in years!!
*great friends in general!!
I am blessed! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy 9 months baby girl!!

Oh Lexi it seems like this month you have just ridiculously grown, like ridiculously! It is so fun to watch you learn and grow, sometimes its very challenging but so worth it! So glad you are a healthy and happy baby, what a blessing!! Mommy is working on your 1st bday plans and I can barely believe you are so close to being a year old! I guess time really does fly when you are having fun!! So happy birthday my beautiful cupcake baby!! You are officially 9 mos old at 8:03 this morning!! Love you! <3

Lexi Lynn

birth: 7 lbs 5.4oz
9 months: 17 lbs even (this was at your dr appt 2 weeks ago) 
birth: 20 inches
9 months: 26 1/2 inches (you are a short baby!)

You are in the 14th percentile for weight and 12th percentile for height! 

*you are still our little eating monster, you love feed except your formula!
*this month dr keith suggested we cut back on your solids so you drink more formula.
*you now get solids 1-2 times a day and still havent increased your formula intake. 
*since we cut back on your solids last week you have been starving and eating snacks like crazy so momma is using her judgement and putting you back on solids regularly. 
* you love your snacks very much: little crunchies, puffs, and veggie straws! 
* you are a puff addict, i think you need to attend Addicts anonymous! ha
*you are about to start eating table food- no more  purees!
* you hate being fed by a spoon so it is time to move forward,  following your cues!
*you had your first french fry this month and screamed for more!
*you drank formula from a sippy a couple times!

* you are still co-sleeping- it works for us so we arent changing it
*you go to sleep between 8-9 every night and sleep til between 4-5 for a bottle then back to bed til 7-8
*you have been slacking up on your naps for sure and changed your schedule.
*you still take a morning nap- usually about an hour. 
*you stopped taking naps for about a week but now you are again and its around 4-5 for about an hour
*you sleep either on mommy or on our bed. 
*im tempted to pack up your crib because you dont use it. at all. 

*you are quite the little crawler now and you know how to speed crawl like crazy! 
*you stand up on anything and everything that is taller than you!
*you are getting very close to standing on your own and walking- momma isnt ready for this!
*you pivot between objects if they are close, taking baby steps while holding on. 
*you cruise the couch, bed, changing table, cabinets, anything!
*your new thing is to hold onto the drawer and pull it out 'riding' it out- its so funny and cute! 
*you clap now, which melts my heart!
*you are a climber! i always catch you trying to climb- up the tub, on your chair, up the couch, on your toybox, cases of water, etc.
*the funniest moment so far was I was cooking dinner and watching you in  your room and you were trying to climb in your toybox and get a toy at the bottom, well you got stuck on the edge and your body was teeter tottering back and forth and you were fussing. it was the funniest thing ever! You did the same thing that night on the case of water ha!
*you stood on your own unassisted for the first time September 1st! then clapped for yourself ha!
*you had your first major boo boo! :'(

Teeth, Attitude, Misc.
*you have 7 whole teeth and 2 more that we can see- wozers! you are going to be eating steak at a year! ha
* we caved and bought you the amber teething necklace- it really helps! much better!
*you have such an attitude- its ridiculous! not even kidding! i dont know where you get it from! ;)
* at the dr last week you wanted to get down and crawl and I wouldnt let you so you threw your head back and screamed at the top of your lungs! i was so embarassed! 
*if you are doing something you shouldnt be and I say 'no maam' you shake your head 'no' at me and continue doing it. 
*when i tell you 'no maam' you laugh hysterically at me. you do this to daddy sometimes 
*you have started dancing and its so sweet! you will stand on the entertainment center and shake your little booty and shrug your shoulders. 
*when we ask you questions or why you shrug your shoulders- its so cute! 
*lately you have been finding your puffs, opening the container, pouring them out on the floor, and then eating them! ha! you are a smart little cookie. 
*you are quite the little talker- definitely get this from me! you are shy about talking though!
*you talk around mommy all the time and daddy ocassionally but anyone else not really.

Clothes and Diapers
*you are in 3-6 month onesies and some 6 month onesies
* cloth diapers and we love them!!
*you are wearing anywhere between 3-6 and 6-9 dress clothes. getting big! 
*you have some serious thunder thighs ha!

Overall, you have learned and grown so much this month its crazy and we are loving every minute of it! you are such a joy and blessing and we thank God for you! we love you beautiful cupcake baby!

Monday, September 5, 2011

First Boo Boo & one ridiculous nervous mama!!

So This is my bday week and its off to a terrible start already :/ I am not feeling so hott and Lexi got her first big boo boo :/ and now I feel absolutely terrible for her.
So this morning Lexi Lynn was playing and her carseat was on the floor. She went over and played in it like usual and I was walking over to grab her so that she wouldn't fall and bust her face. Well when I walked over there she got way excited and flew forward and pretty much ejected herself outta the carseat onto her face, particularly her mouth. I ran over and grabbed her and her little mouth was bleeding. I was checking to make sure that her teeth hadn't gone through her lip, and thank God they hadn't. As soon as I picked her up she began to calm down. I got a cold rag and put it in her mouth and gave her a bottle to calm down and see if she would drink. She didn't bleed much at all and took her nunu, drank milk, and was her normal chipper self. I don't know if I should take her to the ER or not. The drs obv closed bc it's Labor Day. I called him and he said that as long as she isn't bleeding and acting normal and eating or drinking she is okay. If she starts vomitting or sleeping alot to call him back. I am still nervous though. Is this normal mommy worries kicking in? I am really worried for her. She is crazy swollen and has this little pouch that looks like her teeth went in and came back out! I feel terrible :/

Oh and her 7th tooth cut through the gums this morning.
on that note, hopefully this bday week gets better!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 2 of T.S. Irene

We are alive and well over here, surviving T.S. Lee I am happy to report! We haven't lost power and we aren't flooding, such a blessing!! Yesterday morning we woke up early after tossing and turning all night due to the weather. The whole area was under tornado watches, just in case. We got dressed and went shopping bc we had nothing for this storm! We chose a perfect time to shop! There was barely anyone in the store and when we left we were in a break so we didn't even have to load up in the rain! woo hoo perfect timing! Lexi doesn't have a raincoat so we got creative. We put a robe on her, and it worked perfect since it was kinda chilly it served as a jacket as well! And boy did she look adorable! (i know, I am biased ha!) (she usually has her cart cover, promise! it was a quick trip, dnt hate lol)
and of course trying to escape and cheesing it up! 

We came home and unloaded and took naps and pretty much just hung out. I took a trip to Michaels with my friend April, I was in need of a craft day! Didn't last long as my cupcake baby is going through some very serious separation anxiety! Poor little thing crawled back and forth through the whole house crying and looking for mama while I was gone! Then April and her daughter Adryan stayed and we talked and Adryan and Lexi played. Her husband Shannon came over and hung out with the hubs. I decided to cook fried chicken and fresh homemade fries for the first time (never again)!
Ryan's friend Larry came over and did some laundry since he was outta electricity and stayed for dinner and watched the LSU game. Ryan's mom and her fiance came over for dinner as well! My mother in law stayed the night because out where she lives is under mandatory evacuation orders so we offered to let her stay! Then we went over wedding plans and went to bed! Today has just been a lazy family day, which has been nice! We are supposed to have this storm til at least tom bc its just kinda lingering over us! All is well here though and we are praying for those who are flooding and outta power! Ryan was supposed to work Saturday but didnt bc the weather!
Hope everyone is having a relaxed and wonderful labor day :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

Well we are approaching time for our first tropical storm of the season and the first tropical storm with Ryan and myself as a family and adults. I cant remember any from when I was little. With the move approaching we are completely outta food, like nothing at all! ha so tonight we are braving the grocery stores to get the bare necessities! Not looking forward to it but it has to happen. The governor said to prepare for the worst and pray for the best, so that is what we are doing! we are supposed to get like 2 feet of rain! thats insane! and supposedly this storm can linger around here for like 7 days! seriously thats a ridic amount of rain! and my bday is next sat so please stp raining before then, k thanks!!

choking- this is my new fear. my kiddo chokes, alot! she always has since she was born and the dr links this to her GERD but it hasnt gotten any better. She is really good about getting it up on her own but still makes me nervous. The hubs and I were talking last night and he thinks this means she isnt ready for the next stage food or snacks. I however disagree. he wants to pull her off snacks and keep her strictly on purees. I will certainly be discussing this with her ped next week. Then of course the hubs couldnt stop there- he had to continue to make me more nervous. and he says, well if she ever cant get it up call 911. 6 minutes without breathing and you suffer brain damage. oh and its super easy to die from choking. kay i realized this but never thought f it like that. now im totally freaked and thinking she might eat purees until she gets married! ha! but really is this normal to be this paranoid of choking now?

hope everyone has a great Labor day weekend! we will be here braving the storm!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Free sling & nursing cover!!

Hey mamas! has a promotion going on right now that you get the sling for free and you just have to pay shipping and handling! you can also get a matching bracelet and leggings for the babe for an extra $5!! very exciting to me since I needed something new for Lexi and have been eyeing the sling up for a while! also for you nursing mamas has the same promotion going on. It makes me wish I needed one because they are just that cute! You have to use the code 'Breastfeeding' at checkout to get this deal! hope someone uses this :)

Thursday oh thursay!

I dont really have another title in my head so this is what I am going with! It has been pretty lazy around here with no car so we have been house bugs lately! We made a decision to get a place to live where Ryan's job is because it is going to save us money that way. So I am packing here and there and trying to separate things between the 2 houses. Yes, I said 2 houses. We don't really have a choice so we are going to just leave this one behind and continue to pay rent and  sign a year lease by Ry's job and save save save so that when that lease is up we can buy a house! We have prayed about it and think this is where we belong so we are following God's lead. It is kinda scary but every new adventure is!

Lexi is almost 9 months old and I can barely believe it!! Where has the time gone? My bday is coming up and bday plans are well under way! Shoot I can barely believe I am finally guna be 21! Completely legal woo and yes I am the youngest of my friends so now I dont have to get left out anymore ;) finally!!

Lexi is so funny! she is such a character. I am so thankful to Ryan for working so hard that I get to stay home and experience her firsts and milestones. This has always been my dream and its coming true! Thank you baby! love you!! well thats all that is really going on here! I guess I shall go and get packing some more!!