Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday oh thursay!

I dont really have another title in my head so this is what I am going with! It has been pretty lazy around here with no car so we have been house bugs lately! We made a decision to get a place to live where Ryan's job is because it is going to save us money that way. So I am packing here and there and trying to separate things between the 2 houses. Yes, I said 2 houses. We don't really have a choice so we are going to just leave this one behind and continue to pay rent and  sign a year lease by Ry's job and save save save so that when that lease is up we can buy a house! We have prayed about it and think this is where we belong so we are following God's lead. It is kinda scary but every new adventure is!

Lexi is almost 9 months old and I can barely believe it!! Where has the time gone? My bday is coming up and bday plans are well under way! Shoot I can barely believe I am finally guna be 21! Completely legal woo and yes I am the youngest of my friends so now I dont have to get left out anymore ;) finally!!

Lexi is so funny! she is such a character. I am so thankful to Ryan for working so hard that I get to stay home and experience her firsts and milestones. This has always been my dream and its coming true! Thank you baby! love you!! well thats all that is really going on here! I guess I shall go and get packing some more!!



I hope everything works out for y'all with the move. And happy early bday! I'm a september baby too and will be turning the big 3-0 on the 14th!! Ugh when the eff did that happen!? I'm officially OLD LOL. Anyways, 21 is awesome! :) I remember it like it was yesterday. Have fun....but not too much ;)

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

you are lucky you get to stay home :)

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