Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Pre-Birthday Fun!

Today I got my embroidery machine in and can't wait for the hubs to get home so I can open it! I have already bookmarked some things I want/need for it! I did a little advanced shopping ;) Tonight we are having a bbq to celebrate my bday some great friends! there will be lots of babies, food, and fun! I am very excited!! Tomorrow I have a baby shower and am going to do birthday shopping with the family! and maybe dinner and a movie with the hubs if someone can watch Lexi! Sunday we are going check out a temporary house til we find someone to rent the house we are currently in. We have pretty much decided to move in there, the landlord just needs to meet Lexi and I so that's what we are doing Sunday! Then if everything works out like we are expecting Tuesday and Wednesday will be moving day! I think what we are going to do is clear out almost this whole house and move everything to the new place and give this one a really good cleaning, so its ready when the landlord shows it. Then when it is finally rented we will prbably get the rest of the stuff out then and move it to storage! Lots of work but so worth it. Excited, nervous, and anxious for this new chapter in our lives! Hope everyone has a great weekend, we are off to finish cleaning and packing!!



yay for a fun birthday weekend after your crappy week! Hope you have a great time! And yay for the embroidery machine. :) Good luck with the moving and all that.

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