Monday, September 12, 2011

weekend review

This weekend was a great bday weekend!! A bbq friday night with some great friends! I didn't even take any pics bc it was so busy! There were 5 babies the youngest 8 months and oldest 10 months! The kids had as blast as did the parents!! We were up pretty late and Lexi slept by herself from 12-4!! Score! We woke up Saturday morning and just hung out, I started to figure out my embroidery machine and what I would need to get started. Lexi woke up at 8 to eat then back to bed until 11:30! She was a tired baby from the night before. Then my friend April and I took a trip to Hancock fabrics to get what I needed, it was very overwhelming but I got almost everything!! Then I came back here ate, went visit my grandpa and Great Aunt and we were supposed to head to a baby shower but instead went to spend some more bday money! We headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond (which reminds me of Click everytime i go there, ha!) and bought two little black storage ottomans and a little desk for my newest bday present :) its very cute and I got a killer deal on all of it! Once we get settled in the new house, I will post pics! Then we came home, Ryan and Lexi napped and I worked on embroidery machine, and later that night we headed to the casino which was so lame!! I waited 21 years in anticipation for that? Wowzers!! I didn't even have a single drink this weekend, ha! but thats okay with me, alcohol isn't my thing at all! Yesterday we went and got our new temporary place and headed home to pack. Gabby, Mike, and Neela came over to hang out before we move TOMORROW! yep you heard me right, we are moving tomorrow!! On our way to the temp house yest our landlord txt us with fantastic news- he rented out our side and we are out of the lease as of Oct 1st!! God is Good!! Such a blessing!!! So I bought some packing tape and  beer for the hubs last night and headed home to pack. Today I am supposed to be packing but some adorable little 9 month old doesn't think its necessary! We are beginning to move tom morning at 7:30 and I am going to be up all night packing bc I have only half the house packed ha!!
So blogging is going to be hit and miss for now until we get settled and internet and all that jazz, so please bare with me! Hope everyone has a blessed week!!



Glad you had such a good weekend! I hope the move goes well.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

5 babies all within 2 months? Crazy!! I am glad you had a great weekend. Happy belated birthday!! xoxoxoxo

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