Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy 9 months baby girl!!

Oh Lexi it seems like this month you have just ridiculously grown, like ridiculously! It is so fun to watch you learn and grow, sometimes its very challenging but so worth it! So glad you are a healthy and happy baby, what a blessing!! Mommy is working on your 1st bday plans and I can barely believe you are so close to being a year old! I guess time really does fly when you are having fun!! So happy birthday my beautiful cupcake baby!! You are officially 9 mos old at 8:03 this morning!! Love you! <3

Lexi Lynn

birth: 7 lbs 5.4oz
9 months: 17 lbs even (this was at your dr appt 2 weeks ago) 
birth: 20 inches
9 months: 26 1/2 inches (you are a short baby!)

You are in the 14th percentile for weight and 12th percentile for height! 

*you are still our little eating monster, you love feed except your formula!
*this month dr keith suggested we cut back on your solids so you drink more formula.
*you now get solids 1-2 times a day and still havent increased your formula intake. 
*since we cut back on your solids last week you have been starving and eating snacks like crazy so momma is using her judgement and putting you back on solids regularly. 
* you love your snacks very much: little crunchies, puffs, and veggie straws! 
* you are a puff addict, i think you need to attend Addicts anonymous! ha
*you are about to start eating table food- no more  purees!
* you hate being fed by a spoon so it is time to move forward,  following your cues!
*you had your first french fry this month and screamed for more!
*you drank formula from a sippy a couple times!

* you are still co-sleeping- it works for us so we arent changing it
*you go to sleep between 8-9 every night and sleep til between 4-5 for a bottle then back to bed til 7-8
*you have been slacking up on your naps for sure and changed your schedule.
*you still take a morning nap- usually about an hour. 
*you stopped taking naps for about a week but now you are again and its around 4-5 for about an hour
*you sleep either on mommy or on our bed. 
*im tempted to pack up your crib because you dont use it. at all. 

*you are quite the little crawler now and you know how to speed crawl like crazy! 
*you stand up on anything and everything that is taller than you!
*you are getting very close to standing on your own and walking- momma isnt ready for this!
*you pivot between objects if they are close, taking baby steps while holding on. 
*you cruise the couch, bed, changing table, cabinets, anything!
*your new thing is to hold onto the drawer and pull it out 'riding' it out- its so funny and cute! 
*you clap now, which melts my heart!
*you are a climber! i always catch you trying to climb- up the tub, on your chair, up the couch, on your toybox, cases of water, etc.
*the funniest moment so far was I was cooking dinner and watching you in  your room and you were trying to climb in your toybox and get a toy at the bottom, well you got stuck on the edge and your body was teeter tottering back and forth and you were fussing. it was the funniest thing ever! You did the same thing that night on the case of water ha!
*you stood on your own unassisted for the first time September 1st! then clapped for yourself ha!
*you had your first major boo boo! :'(

Teeth, Attitude, Misc.
*you have 7 whole teeth and 2 more that we can see- wozers! you are going to be eating steak at a year! ha
* we caved and bought you the amber teething necklace- it really helps! much better!
*you have such an attitude- its ridiculous! not even kidding! i dont know where you get it from! ;)
* at the dr last week you wanted to get down and crawl and I wouldnt let you so you threw your head back and screamed at the top of your lungs! i was so embarassed! 
*if you are doing something you shouldnt be and I say 'no maam' you shake your head 'no' at me and continue doing it. 
*when i tell you 'no maam' you laugh hysterically at me. you do this to daddy sometimes 
*you have started dancing and its so sweet! you will stand on the entertainment center and shake your little booty and shrug your shoulders. 
*when we ask you questions or why you shrug your shoulders- its so cute! 
*lately you have been finding your puffs, opening the container, pouring them out on the floor, and then eating them! ha! you are a smart little cookie. 
*you are quite the little talker- definitely get this from me! you are shy about talking though!
*you talk around mommy all the time and daddy ocassionally but anyone else not really.

Clothes and Diapers
*you are in 3-6 month onesies and some 6 month onesies
* cloth diapers and we love them!!
*you are wearing anywhere between 3-6 and 6-9 dress clothes. getting big! 
*you have some serious thunder thighs ha!

Overall, you have learned and grown so much this month its crazy and we are loving every minute of it! you are such a joy and blessing and we thank God for you! we love you beautiful cupcake baby!



happy 9 months! She's so cute :D A tiny little peanut!

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