Friday, September 2, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

Well we are approaching time for our first tropical storm of the season and the first tropical storm with Ryan and myself as a family and adults. I cant remember any from when I was little. With the move approaching we are completely outta food, like nothing at all! ha so tonight we are braving the grocery stores to get the bare necessities! Not looking forward to it but it has to happen. The governor said to prepare for the worst and pray for the best, so that is what we are doing! we are supposed to get like 2 feet of rain! thats insane! and supposedly this storm can linger around here for like 7 days! seriously thats a ridic amount of rain! and my bday is next sat so please stp raining before then, k thanks!!

choking- this is my new fear. my kiddo chokes, alot! she always has since she was born and the dr links this to her GERD but it hasnt gotten any better. She is really good about getting it up on her own but still makes me nervous. The hubs and I were talking last night and he thinks this means she isnt ready for the next stage food or snacks. I however disagree. he wants to pull her off snacks and keep her strictly on purees. I will certainly be discussing this with her ped next week. Then of course the hubs couldnt stop there- he had to continue to make me more nervous. and he says, well if she ever cant get it up call 911. 6 minutes without breathing and you suffer brain damage. oh and its super easy to die from choking. kay i realized this but never thought f it like that. now im totally freaked and thinking she might eat purees until she gets married! ha! but really is this normal to be this paranoid of choking now?

hope everyone has a great Labor day weekend! we will be here braving the storm!


Walking by Faith

Praying for you all as your deal with the storm, and also keeping you in my prayers as you talk to the ped next week!

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