Monday, September 5, 2011

First Boo Boo & one ridiculous nervous mama!!

So This is my bday week and its off to a terrible start already :/ I am not feeling so hott and Lexi got her first big boo boo :/ and now I feel absolutely terrible for her.
So this morning Lexi Lynn was playing and her carseat was on the floor. She went over and played in it like usual and I was walking over to grab her so that she wouldn't fall and bust her face. Well when I walked over there she got way excited and flew forward and pretty much ejected herself outta the carseat onto her face, particularly her mouth. I ran over and grabbed her and her little mouth was bleeding. I was checking to make sure that her teeth hadn't gone through her lip, and thank God they hadn't. As soon as I picked her up she began to calm down. I got a cold rag and put it in her mouth and gave her a bottle to calm down and see if she would drink. She didn't bleed much at all and took her nunu, drank milk, and was her normal chipper self. I don't know if I should take her to the ER or not. The drs obv closed bc it's Labor Day. I called him and he said that as long as she isn't bleeding and acting normal and eating or drinking she is okay. If she starts vomitting or sleeping alot to call him back. I am still nervous though. Is this normal mommy worries kicking in? I am really worried for her. She is crazy swollen and has this little pouch that looks like her teeth went in and came back out! I feel terrible :/

Oh and her 7th tooth cut through the gums this morning.
on that note, hopefully this bday week gets better!!!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

aww, poor girl!! Im sure she will be fine though. I think this is the first of many boos boos to come :(( Especially when they learn to walk (I have heard) they take a lot of falls.

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