Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 2 of T.S. Irene

We are alive and well over here, surviving T.S. Lee I am happy to report! We haven't lost power and we aren't flooding, such a blessing!! Yesterday morning we woke up early after tossing and turning all night due to the weather. The whole area was under tornado watches, just in case. We got dressed and went shopping bc we had nothing for this storm! We chose a perfect time to shop! There was barely anyone in the store and when we left we were in a break so we didn't even have to load up in the rain! woo hoo perfect timing! Lexi doesn't have a raincoat so we got creative. We put a robe on her, and it worked perfect since it was kinda chilly it served as a jacket as well! And boy did she look adorable! (i know, I am biased ha!) (she usually has her cart cover, promise! it was a quick trip, dnt hate lol)
and of course trying to escape and cheesing it up! 

We came home and unloaded and took naps and pretty much just hung out. I took a trip to Michaels with my friend April, I was in need of a craft day! Didn't last long as my cupcake baby is going through some very serious separation anxiety! Poor little thing crawled back and forth through the whole house crying and looking for mama while I was gone! Then April and her daughter Adryan stayed and we talked and Adryan and Lexi played. Her husband Shannon came over and hung out with the hubs. I decided to cook fried chicken and fresh homemade fries for the first time (never again)!
Ryan's friend Larry came over and did some laundry since he was outta electricity and stayed for dinner and watched the LSU game. Ryan's mom and her fiance came over for dinner as well! My mother in law stayed the night because out where she lives is under mandatory evacuation orders so we offered to let her stay! Then we went over wedding plans and went to bed! Today has just been a lazy family day, which has been nice! We are supposed to have this storm til at least tom bc its just kinda lingering over us! All is well here though and we are praying for those who are flooding and outta power! Ryan was supposed to work Saturday but didnt bc the weather!
Hope everyone is having a relaxed and wonderful labor day :)


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

Glad you are all safe and sound :)

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