Wednesday, June 15, 2011

yes, i know, you are prob confused since we are in the switch to cloth why in the world i am typing a post about but you will soon understand. Because of the upcoming switch too cloth diapering i need a new diaper bag convenient for cloth diapering which leads me to my point. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the JJ Cole diaper bags, they are just a tad too pricey for my taste. (im a cheapo big time) Well babies r us has a 15% off coupon for diaper bags and my diaper bag was on sale for 50 so this means i could get it for $43 vs 60! much nicer!! well go figure, shipping was $8 and sales tax was $5 for some reason which equals $56 so i save $4? i think NOT! so im searching around and i decided that i would go check out BINGO! the diaper bag i want is on sale fr $50 and you get free shipping for every 50 you spend and then i got an extra $10 off for placing my first order there! so i got my diaper bag and 2 wet bags (they were super cheap and match the bag :) ) for $45 shipped! heck yes!!! i find their wipes are a tad more expensive but hey, they can be my friend with good deals on bags :) so go check them out! i hope to post a more legit post tom about our new weekend schedule with ryan! hope everyone is doing great and having a good week!

in no way was i paid to do this post, this was just my personal opinion and im very excited :)



Gotta love good deals! I have looked at their site before to see if there is a better price for disposables, but I've not made a purchase yet.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

cant wait to see the new bag :) I got a gift car to for my shower and then with a coupon I got my jogging stroller from that site!

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