Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend Recap: Better Late than ever, ehh??

This last weekend we had a super crazy busy weekend! Friday we went shopping with Aimy and Mali in Hammond and had a blast!! Then we headed off to Bass Pro (which apparently is the teenage hangout spot, haha so funny to me!!) for traps and off to Target for Lexi's big girl carseat!!! :'( I can't believe she is old enough for a big girl carseat already!! Then we came home and hung out and sorta prepared for the weekend ahead! Saturday morning we had Eliana's first birthday party, which I took like 5 pics, whoops! Mom fail!! And we also carved pumpkins with Mike and Gabby and then we went on a date night and Lexi was babysat by her YaYa for the first time! We were going to go to the  movies but we didn't have time cuz carving took too long so we just went to the french quarter and then to Harrah's. Mike is 24 and Gabby just turned 21 and they were casino virgins so we had to break that ;) We seriously had a blast and it was much needed! And Lexi did great so it was a win win! Then Sunday we had Lexi's cousin Roy's Second bday party out by the bayou! They had a bounce house on Saturday fr the babies and Lexi went in but didn't really pay too much attention. Then Sunday they had a big one and I got in with her and we all had a blast!! Sunday on the way home we stopped by April's house and I got to hold lil man and give him lovings!! I will be going back this week since this last visit was such a short one!! Here is our weekend in pics!

Our little Diva!
New big girl carseat
Mali and Lexi in baby bounce house!
The babies chilling in the bounce house
Lexi & Daddy
Chasing her shadow
Best friends always drink together hahaha
The one on on the far left was ryans, Middle was MIL, Right was mine, and front is Lexi's
Gabby & Mike at casino
Lexi & yaya when we came home!!
Very very tired girl on our way home!!
We had a great and relaxing weekend and it was definitely much needed!!!


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