Sunday, October 9, 2011

Teething Sucks...

This has been a long, rough, and exhausting weekend and I am hoping this isn't a look into our upcoming week! thursday night all night Lexi was warm but never had a fever. She woke up Friday morning with the same thing going on and I kept a close eye on her. She was slowly getting warmer but then at 9:30ish she was 101.5!! I called the doctor and he said that was really hot for her age so he wanted us to bring her in and get her checked. We live an hour and a half from our doctor and I talked to him at 10:10 and he wanted us in there fr 11:30!!! We made it 7 mins late! but I have never gotten myself and Lexi ready that fast including packing the diaper bag, I was very proud! haha! So we get there and spend a whole 5 mins there and he checks her out and says she is good its just teething & maybe possibly fighting a cold. He said if she got as high as 102 but was eating, drinking, peeing, & poohing, then to just wait it out and see what happens and if Monday (when we go in for our second flu shot) she still isn't better he will look further. So we hung out with some friends instead of just turning around and driving another hour and a half straight. Well all day Friday she was just calm and relaxed and outta it. She wasn't happy, smiling, spunky, needy normal self. She was just there, I was a nervous wreck all day to say the least, checking her temp like every 5 mins! (must be a nervous new mom thing?) Well we went to bed Friday night about 10pm and from 10pm-12pm she was waking up every 10-12 mins and we were still monitoring her fever very closely because she felt very very hot!! At 1am she was 103.2! I pretty much freaked out and said screw what he said we are going to ER now!! So we took her into the ER and waited forever and when they took her temp it was only 102.3 and she was acting okay. They gave her Motrin while we were waiting to see the doctor (a whole lot of it...) When we finally saw the doctor he was asking all the questions and was like 'okay well why are you here then?' I am thinking in my head, seriously are you asking me why?? He says 'well she doesn't have any symptoms other than a fever so why are you here?' Me trying not to flip out 'because she had a 103.2 fever and that's too high for me to feel comfortable!' He then goes on checking her and pretty much tells us that we shouldn't have taken her in and that its still just teething. He said we need to be staggering Motrin and tylenol, which freaks me out, that is alot of medicine and she is so small for her age! So he sends us on her way and we get home and are getting ready for bed. Lexi was wired from the motrin and was throwing her nunu and every time she would throw it she made this cute little noise, it was hilarious and cute!!!! So we went to sleep and headed out to Gretna fest. Her fever broke yesterday morning at 3am due to the motrin and didn't return til 3pm in the afternoon. Then from then on til this morning around 8 she was just running warm around 99. Well yesterday she was so calm and relaxed and just out of it, again not my child! We figured she was just tired from the teeth and such. Today her fever has been gone all day but she hasn't been drinking very well and slept all day. We go back tomorrow and I am going to insist he figures out what is wrong. I don't think its teething, I mean she is teething but 103.2 is extremely high! Especially for a baby her age!! Hopefully he gives us some answers of some sort tomorrow. I have been a nervous wreck ever since then and will continue to be until I get my happy, spunky, normal baby back! Please keep us in your prayers :)))



sorry to hear about the fever! Glad to hear it broke though finally. Teething really does suck! Although, Alex never ran a fever with teething like that. I'll be praying it never happens again and that she's back to herself soon.

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