Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sleep Training Recap!

We have been sleep training for the past 5 nights and I hope not to jinx it but it has been going good, much better than I expected!! We decided that our best approach was the no cry sleep solution, to put her bed in the highest setting and next to our bed, and to get her into a nighttime routine again since ours went out the window with the move. We start getting her ready for bed at 7ish by giving her a bath and just playing in the tub with her. She got a new ducky toy for the tub that she loves and dances to haha it is so funny! The girl loves to move!! We also give her daily vitamins in the tub because she has the tendency to spit them out. We get her outta tub and dress her then give her sippy cup with milk and get her book ready. Ryan and I take turns reading her books at night, then we both give her kisses. I put the boppy in the bed with her, to make it feel like we are still there and I think that has helped drastically! After her book is read, kisses, and playing a bit we lay her down and I lay next to her and usually withing 10 mins she is dead asleep! This is a great accomplishment for us and has given us both a little down time to ourselves and together! She usually sleeps til about 2:30-3:00ish and then crawls right up in bed by me and goes right back to sleep til between 7 and 8 then she is up for the day! I was very very shocked with how well she did, I was expecting this to be a fight but in all reality it has been great!!



Yay for sleep training! I really hope it goes well for you :) We finally found something that works for W, and he sleeps through the night, most nights (although I probably just jinxed him).

I would love to meet up sometime once we get moved in, that would a lot of fun to get our kiddos together!

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted

Glad things are going easier than expected. I hope everything really clicks soon for you! Good luck!

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