Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ridiculous Pic Overload

My Iphone finally got hooked up to the compute the other day and it had *gasp* 594 pics on it and that was just from maybe a month tops... Um Yeah I am kinda camera happy but in my defense I nana and papa want a pic of you every single day and you cant just take one :) I really need to go through and delete some pics because I  have literally 1800 pics on my phone, hands down!! So be ready because there is PLENTY! haha
These are Lexi's fave toy- yeah she lks like a dog... 
Lexi checking out her toddler bed making sure all her toys were there haha
These beautiful flowers from the hubs that are smelling AH-mazing today! :)
Princess Lexi
Kissing her 'boyfriend' Paul
Standing all by herself
Daddy Pushing her on her Lion
Lexi fed the giraffes, she wasn't pleased! haha
Choosing the heart for her first build a bear
And giving 'Mr. Barkeson' kisses
 cute family pic
Lazy day with mama
The girl LOVES big girl cups!!
her balls again...
yeah, no point in giving her a bowl...

Okay I am going to stop this here and save the rest for another post! :)


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

Those flowers smell awesome bc there are lillies in there!! I LOVE THE smell of them! AND, I AM So happy Lex got to make a build a bear. did she love it? AND, look at her holding that huge cup!! What a strong little lady!


so, so many cute pictures!!!!
my little guy loves to hold big cups as well ;) he has no interest in a sippy cup though. ha!


Very cute pictures :) She's getting to be such a big girl!

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