Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3rd- A year ago!

Oh how I looked forward to December 3rd for months and months and months! If someone would have told me in the beginning that I would in fact not have Lexi on her due date I probably would have smacked them, ha! I was so impatient it was ridiculous! I had it set in my mind that she wouldn't be a December baby and I could not have been more wrong... I also had told everyone if she was going to be late she better be born on the 10th. That again did not happen because she obviously had her own ideas! We wanted her born on the 10th because Ryan and I were both born on the 10th!
I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was so hopeful and after the day ended I thought Lexi was never ever guna leave her comfy little womb. I was wrong there too! Maybe I should stop thinking?!?! haha! Well anywho my friend, Emily, who was due the 10th went into labor on my due date! I was so jealous and beautiful Cambrie Lynn was born on December 4th! So happy birthday baby girl! We will be attending her party tomorrow and I am sure it will be a blast! Also a very happy 1st Birthday to Wylie over at Intorverted Mama! I have begun to get to know Ashley and she is a super sweet girl! I am excited for their upcoming move so we can have girls weekends and playdates! yay!



That's too funny about your friend! Wylie was due the 10th but was born on the 4th! I can't wait for upcoming play dates and a girls weekend :)

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

HOw was Lexi's birthday? Did she get her present from Anika?

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