Thursday, December 1, 2011

A visit to the doctor...

Well, I have learned since becoming pregnant with Lexi and having an infant with what we now know was GERD that it is normal to go to the doctor and leave more confused than you were when you went in there! Lexi's little tummy has been protruding (and looking like a little ethiopian baby) and I was worried  but the hubs said she is getting fat (ha!). Well Monday night we noticed that the bottom of her belly just looked strange. Her belly button was sunken in and there is a huge lump under it. We touched it and she didn't react at all so we figured nothing major. I went on thinking about it and it hit me- maybe it is a hernia. So off the WebMd & Baby center I went. She had all the symptoms and one that really gave it away- reflux will act up if you get a hernia, well her reflux has been horrible again since the day before Thanksgiving. So I put a call in to the dr and had to drive an hour and a half to take her in because he needed to see it. We get there and wait forever and she cries the whole time then we finally see the doctor. He doesn't see anything and feels it and nothing. He says 'I don't think it is a hernia, it doesn't look like one at least.' Well I had taken pics the night before (because of course it loooked wore then) and showed him. He says 'Oh, well that looks like a hernia.' Awesome. 5 mins ago it wasn't but now it is? He asks questions and I answer all of them and ask my questions. Will it go away on its own? Do we need to worry? His response 'Hernias don't go away on their own, they have to be surgically removed by a pediatric surgeon. So when you are here for her 1 year appt we will get you the number for the ped surgeon.' Wait a minute, 10 mins ago you were saying it wasn't a hernia and now you are saying she needs surgery to remove it? Say what?!!! He then explains that it isnt an emergency surgery, it could wait 3 weeks to a month and that it isnt an emergency unless x,y, or z happens to it. So I leave the office more concerned than I was in the first place. Big surprise there. So now we wait and see what happens! Praying for her obviously because I know it isn't a major surgery but any surgery is a surgery, which freaks me out. Another thing that freaks me out is how in the world are you going to keep a toddler who can't stay outta anything for 5 mins from ripping her stitches? Umm yeah, we won't go there! So we are praying our little girl gets healed or that it isn't in fact a hernia!

I am probably going to be an absent blogger this weekend. The hubs is going hunting for 5 days 4 nightS!!! And Lexi and I will be jumping from house to house all weekend. And I am not excited about it so let's not talk about it! Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!



I will be praying for her!! I really hope it isn't a hernia so you don't have to go through surgery. Is your hubby deer hunting? The day I went into labor, my husband was supposed to go hunting and I told him he better not because I needed him there. They just disappear forever with no contact! I hope you can stay occupied and that your hubby gets a buck (if he is deer hunting).

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