Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Baby V #2 Details

This is going to be a very detailed post, so if you skip, I won't be offended! I am trying to think of a super cute name to call this baby before it has a real name, maybe something will come to me when we see the u/s.

Beginning of this year all of a sudden I got some major baby fever! Around Lexi's second birthday we started talking about the possibilities of us wanting a second baby. We had an insurance issue that needed to be figured it out so we pushed it out of our minds. Fast forward to about the 5th-ish of January and everything fell into place perfectly! The whole time we had been praying 'Bless it or block it'. We pray that for all of our major decisions. I think it is such a strong prayer and I just love it so much! I had an IUD in, and have since Lexi was 6 weeks, but it was starting to give me problems and with trying to conceive we decided it would be best to get it removed. This is where it gets TMI, but I want to remember so I'm writing this. I haven't had a period since before I got pregnant with Lexi. I had Lexi, then the postpartum, then the IUD and that made my cycles disappear. My appt was January 16, 2013. January 11-12 I was hurtin really bad and didn't know why but assumed it was my IUD again. Then, I started bleeding. Well when I got my IUd taken out (1-16-2013) my OB confirmed that it was in fact my period. That wasn't a coincidence to me! So I got the all clear for us to try to conceive. Helman said that it could take a few months for my cycles to regulate but that didn't mean I wouldn't get pregnant right away. He said I could literally get pregnant that night. When I was leaving he said 'see you soon'! I started my prenatals the next day.

Fast forward a week and a day an I was back in his office due to pain on my lower right side. It felt like round ligament to me (a first symptom of pregnancy) but I have had this pain before so I wasn't sure. He checked me and had me get an ultrasound done to make sure there were no cysts. He also ran cultures to check for any infections causing the pain. Everything came back normal. I asked him how far along I would have to be for him to be able to tell I was pregnant and he said two weeks, at least. I asked the ultrasound tech and she said u/s is 3 weeks.
February 2 I had about 4-5 hrs of really bad cramping and then it went away. I figured it was due to my period being due in a week, so I didn't pay much attention. February 9th I was scheduled to start my period but honestly I didn't know when to expect it bc it was my second cycle in three years. Saturday morning no period but I had symptoms that could go either way so I tested. I saw a very very faint line! I txt two friends to see if they saw it and they both did. Then I took another. No second line. Okay, weird. Sunday morning nothing and negative test. This is where in going to leave off :) I'm going to include the test with the very, very faint line.



The first pain you felt on the lower right side was ovulation. I bet. I feel when I ovulate and it switches sides every other month.

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