Wednesday, March 7, 2012

15 months!

Oh Lexi, my little cupcake, I can't believe you are already 15 months! Evryone says you will get easier as you get older and every month I disagree more! You are such a joy though, and we love you so much! What you have been up to:
*running really well- everyone says you walk great for your age but i think you are very clumsy.
*no talking at all. You babble alot and use your hands to talk but nothing even near understandable. We will be mentioning this to your doctor next week
*you are a cuddler and so very sweet.
*you wave or point at everyone and everything!
*you still love books and will bring them to me all day long to read to you!
*i think you weigh around 21 lbs and are around 32 inches, but thats absolutely just a guess.
*fully cloth diapered still and still going strong! Starting to research potties and training pants. (any good potties or training pants out there?)
*in 9 month onesies and 9-12 and a few 12-18 months clothes. The 12-18 are still really big on you.
* you have a baby doll you love! You carry her everywhere and rock her. It is so sweet!
*12 teeth
* sleeping anywhere from 8-10pm to 7am tops. Still coSleeping, except for 3 hrs in your toddler bed! Taking 2 naps a day usually- each give or take an 1 1/2.
*still rear facing and we pln to keep you that was as long as possible.
*you have such an attitude and are such a diva!
*tantrums are horrible! You always scream and make a scene when you dont get your way. (terrible 2's early?!)
*i thought you maybe had a concussion and had to call your dr, my mom, all My Mom friends (thanks, Ashley!) and my aunt. You didn't, mama just freaked out :)
We love you so much baby girl! Youre such a joy (you can lose the tantrums though)! We are so blessed to have you in Our lives.



For potty pants I saw an awesome idea on pinterest we're gonna try. Basically you buy girls panties, open the seams at the crotch ( where the lining is) and "stuff" it with a piece of PUL and a prefold then stitch it all down. It's not as absorbent as a diaper, but that's vital in potty training and way cheaper than most of the trainers I've found.

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