Friday, August 31, 2012

Hurricane Isaac: Aftermath

Praise God this storm wasn't nearly as bad For us as it could have been! We are all safe and our house is perfect. We had a few trees down (one that would have totaled our car, had we been home) and our backyard flooded and lots of trees, leaves, and debris. But that is minor stuff compared to some peoples damage. The biggest loss we have is all the baby stuff in our storage container out back. We werent expecting that to flood, much less as bad as it flooded! Praying for all those who lost their homes or family members. Ryan's family is stuck in New Orleans right now but some will be joining us because they are expected to be out of power for a week. :(

As for my first hurricane experience? It wasn't as bad as I had thought. We ended up not evacuating to Texas but to Ryan's cousins. We didn't want to chance staying at home because we have a lot if trees around and were scared one would fall on the house. Praise God, they didn't! we bought a generator because being without electric as an adult isn't a pleasant experience son with a toddler? I can't even imagine! That pricey little guy saved our lives! We had the TV for the girls and to keep updated on the storm, we had internet, fans, fridge and freezer, and that's all we plugged in. Occasionally our phones would be plugged in too. We are trying to get back unto out normal routine today and then we are on vacation from the girls next week. We have opened our house to family and friends, so we shall see who comes. So far no one has. We must smell or something haha!
'I will praise you througH the storm and I will lift my hands' this is exactly what I did through the whole storm. I am so thankful we were safe, family is safe, and our home was spaced. God's good, isn't he? Here are a few pics of our house and the tress and debris.



I am just so happy you are ok :) I meant to reach out to you sooner. Im sorry. forgive me. xoxox

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