Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weird: Because normal isn't working

The definition of weird is suggesting something supernatural or uncanny. We hear the word 'weird' very often in our daily life. But, what makes something 'weird'? Is it weird because it is foreign and strange to you? Pastor Jay at our church is teaching a series on being a 'God kind of weird'. It is based on the Book 'WEIRD: Because normal isn't working' by Craig Groeschel. It talks about what is normal in this society and how as Christians we should strive to be more 'God weird'. Immediately After church I went home and bought the book on my Nexus because I knew it was something I want to read and strive to be like! And for $4 who can beat that?! The main bible verse in the book is from Matthew ''The gateway to life is narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it'' (Matthew 7:13-14 NLT). I have heard this verse many times as a christian but it never really spoke to me like it did today! It was like something suddenly clicked in my head. I, and my family, need to make sure we are on the narrow path that few find. I read Chapter One and it already has me thinking.Chapter one is on time and busyness. It explains that in today's world busyness is the norm. And that if you aren't constantly busy some people will look at you like you aren't important. It just explains that even though you,at be doing all good things, if you are always constantly busy you probably aren't making the right decision. It really has me thinking. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who thinks Normal isn't working for them!



Hmm...I might have to look into this book. My life is ridiculously crazy lately and will only get crazier within the next year. I feel like this post really spoke to me and I need to remember this and look it up. And I need to take the time to remember to be weird :) Thanks for the reminder Danielle!


its funny because when I wrote my post last night (that i posted this morning) and I said how Ive been busy- I hate to say im busy...But, I should have wrote, that when im NOT busy, IM "busy" spending quality time with my family- which isnt busy, its ENJOYING life :) hahah

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