Sunday, August 7, 2011

8 months!

Oh my dearest Lexi! I can barely believe that you are already 8 months old! You have been such a joy in our lives and have changed so very much, especially in this last month! well mama has been a slacker and didnt do your photo shoot today! I will have to do that tomorrow and post it :) so here is what you have been up to:
Lexi Lynn

birth- 7 lbs 6 oz
8 months- 16 lbs even (as of aug 2)
birth- 20 inches
8 months- 27 inches

*You are definitely an eater! you love food! and you beg like a dog, terrible but adorable!
*You are getting to be a very picky little girl! 
*You dont like anything green; peas, green beans, avocados, spaghetti squash, or turnips.
*you still like the sweet stuff; applesauce, peaches, pears, sweet potatoe, and carrots! picky picky! 
*you are a puff eating monster! you love love love your puffs and lil crunchies! 
*we have laid off the yogurt melts bc your dad thinks you choke on em.  I think you dont like textures
*You eat 5-6oz every 3-4 hrs except at night
*You are starting meats this month. 
*you really want our food and got into tater tots on Thurs! 
*this morning you have a speck of a donut for your bday!!
*you are still on your sippy cup daily, hoping to fully transition next month!

*Thank you baby girl bc you are getting so much better!!
*You have been sleeping thru the night n and off for the last 4 days!! 
*You have to have the tv on though and you love to sleep sideways haha 
*we are still co-sleeping and we dont plan on changing it unless it becomes a prob
*it wrks for us; you sleep better and we sleep better- win win! 
*you still take 2-3 naps a day! at least an hour sometimes 3! i appreciate those! 
*you go down anywhere between 8-10 we just use your cues as your bedtime. we really need to get a routine
*you are a major cuddle bug and wake daddy up every morning by hitting him just like you did when you were in my tummy! its adorable!

*We finally used the last of your sposies and I am so happy! you are back in cloth fully!
*you wear the smallest button on the rise and smallest on one snap and second smallest on other!
*you are still wearing mstly 3-6 month clothes with some 6 month in there.
*you have definitely moved up in the butt area with the cloth dipes!
*Gabby calls it your ant butt, whatever it is i think its so cute!

*You are most definitely a crawler! You are into everything!
 *Very close to standing on your own.
*You like to be under things; table, changing table, entertainment center, jumperoo, etc.
*You pull up on everything and you are really good at it!
*you just recently starting jumping without being in jumperoo! its adorable
*you are a cruiser! you do this on the couch and tub!!
*You sit at edge of tub and beg and whimper til I let you in! so funny!

*You still hate nursery at church, you lasted a whole 3 mins last week! wow!
*you have 2 teeth you have had forever but i see 3 and one more thru a little!
*You definitely know your name and you know how to ignore us too! uh oh!
*you babble babble so much! words here and there but i think you are just repeating!
*you have said mama once and mommy once but that is it! :/
*you have said dada, go, and help a couple times though so maybe those are sticking!
*you will be left for your first time with a family member next Sunday, and Im so nervous!
*I think i am more nervous than you haha but i know youre in good hands!
*you sort of do a little dancing thing and its so precious!
*you wave bye bye more when you are supposed to now and all the time!
*when you are going to sleep at night you rub your hand on my face and it melts my heart!
*you also play with my hair when you are really tired!
*you shake your head no now and when you dont want something you pucker your lips really tight and shake your head no!
*you make the funniest faces ever and it cracks me up!!!

All in all you are learning more and more each day and I love witnessing it! It has been such a blessing to stay home with you !YOu are our life and we cant wait to watch you grow some more! Love you cupcake baby! <3



Your little girl is super adorable! I am a new follower:)


holy moly, i thought my little guy was "little" he is 3 months and weighs 16 pounds, same as your lexi....i guess that's why he is in the 95th percentile, haha!
your little miss is adorable!!! :) love the pics!!

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