Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lexi's Birth story!

I know this is like 8 months late but hey better late than never! i want to remember these things and it might be graphic, so you have been warned! this is more for myself! I was a nervous wreck! I was due December 3rd and I swore up and down she was coming early and she ended up coming 4 days late! ha she was def on her own schedule and was showing us what was up!! It was a Monday, 3 days after my due date, and I had a dr appt to set up my induction date which was to be that Wednesday! I should have known something was up because my dr didnt tell me what time to be there, not to eat, etc. but of course out of excitement this didn't click with me! Anyhow, he checked me and I was at a 3. (I started dilating at 37ish weeks and she had dropped crazy low at 36 weeks. I had also lost my plug at 37 weeks) Well when he checked me I had heard a pop but didn't think about it. On the way walking to my car I started to have cramps that felt diff than braxton hicks and I was calling my mom to update her ( my parents live in Missouri and my mom was attempting to make it there for the birth, its a 12 hour drive) She said her plan was to leave that night at midnight and drive in so she could get here early and we could grocery shop and spend time together before Lexi arrived. I told her she should just go ahead and leave just in case but my daddy wouldnt let her, he said she needed sleep first. Well I went about my day like nthing was wrong continuing having contractions on and off but not painful at all just crampy. At about 8 the hubs and I decided we were tired and heading to bed. We went to lay down and I was hurting to bad to sleep so I decided I would start timing these just in case they were the real thing by sme crazy chance. Come around 11pm and I was talking to my MIL and at this point they were 5-7 mins apart since 8pm. I wasnt in pain to bad so I figured it was just braxton hicks playing tricks on me again. Well the MIL insisted I go to the hospital just to get checked. I decided I was going to clean the house up, do the dishes, pee, get ready, etc and she wasnt having it. So I decided to just pee and get ready to go figuring I would be home later to clean up. When I went to the bathroom I noticed blood (my bloody show) and decided I needed to go to hosp to get checked out just in case. My MIL loaded me up and we let the hubs sleep bc he had work the next day and off to L&D we went! I was already pre-registered because I was going in for induction Wednesday so I headed straight to L&D. My MIL drove like a mad crazy lady and freaked out the whole entire time haha I was as calm as could be! I called my mom and filled her in telling her I would keep her updated. We got to L&D and they checked me and much to my surprise I was 4cm dilated and in ACTIVE labor! Wow seriously? I was so shocked I asked my nurse if she was joshing me! ha! so I called my mommy immediately and told her to get on her way. You see my mom was in labor for 32 hours with me so she was expecting me to be in labor for a good while but she still sped the whole way just in case. I then called the hubs and tld him it was finally really time!! Everyone was just in shock at this point. My nurse came in and asked if i was ready for my epidural and antibiotics and I said no. She then said that there are many prego women tonight and when i am ready, it may be too late. She recommended i get it then, so i did! I am not the type of person that wants to be in pain if I dont have to so I opted for the epidural. I admire you ladies that push these babies out with zero meds, but that just isnt me!!! So I got my epidural and antibiotics and fluids as well and we waited and waited and waited. Insert some violent shaking in here and vomiting but I barely remember all that jazz. Well they checked me at about 5 am and I was 7cm dilated and starting to feel pain so they gave me more in my epidural an I was a happy camper from here on out. My mom is still on her way mind you! Well then my dr comes in at about 7:45am to check up on me and see how I was progressing bc he had a scheduled c-section at 9am. When he checked me I was at an 8 and he decided to break my water and see what happens. He came in at 7:55 and checked me and I was fully dialated and ready to push! I couldnt feel how I was pushing or if I was doing it right but I tried so hard bc I didnt want him to have to turn my epidural off. I pushed three times and Lexi was born at 8:03am!! She had to be pulled out with forceps that last bit though because she had her chord wrapped around her neck :/ She also had meconuim in her mouth so I couldnt stimulate her. They put her on my chest to check her out and then took her right away! it seemed like they had her forever! ryan got to cut the umbilical chord which I was so happy about and he got to hold her first because my dr was still working on me! (one thing i dont want to remember but it needs to be noted, my MIL was next to my drs head the whole time lexi came out and was more emotional than ryan and myself and ruined the whole experience but thats another story) Our little cupcake baby was 7lbs 5.4oz just like her mommy had guessed exactly!!! I just knew it :) This was our birth story and I was very pleased with how everything went down! I loved my dr and will be using him for the rest of our kiddos! He was AMAZING! He then went on to say how proud he was, he was expecting me to be crazy and loud but he said I was one of his most enjoyable deliveries :) It was also his bday (lexi was the first baby he actually delivered n his bday!) and he was talking about where he was going to eat dinner at that night haha it was funny and definitely lightened the moood! He also said that he knew I would be quick and easy because she was so low so early and I was cmplaining about the pain :) apparently thats super painful! (i felt it, believe me, just didnt see the point in complaining) Well if you made it through this thanks for reading and now you know our story :)


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