Saturday, August 6, 2011


I have been quite the blogging slacker lately and not by choice! My lovely hubs got a virus on my comp and it had to be repaired! But we are back and running now thank God!

It has been crazy around here lately! Many new and different things going on and happening! We need to figure a few things concerning jobs and finances and such but we are trusting God because this is all his plan! We I have been doing alot of research on cleaners and I am absolutely disgusted! Seriously how do these people market these things? Anywho so we I have made the decision that we are going to be making our cleaners and switching to all naturals! So this morning I took a little trip with the cupcake baby to the store to get the main ingredients that I needed and also a trip to the health food storE! It was very interesting everything that I learned! Also, Ashley really was the one who got me started on my research and this journey so she is fully to thank! She has taught me alot of useful things! Thanks girl :) I have found some really great recipes and if you are interested let me know and I will share!! I love the health benefits for this but the cost is another nice thing! Oh and the environment too I guess! The hubs isnt too happy about this. I mean I guess he really doesnt care but he called me a tree hugger! Call me what you want but I am doing what is best for our family and saving money at the same time so hey I think its a win win!

My Lil Lexi is getting so big, it amazes me every day! She does the funniest things ever and I cant help but share this one! Yesterday morning we had to bring Ryan to drop off his work van and on the way we got Sonics breakfast! Well when we came home I had some tots left so to get Lex out the car I put them in her diaper bag then put her fluffs on top of them. Well I went and took a nap and Ryan was supposed to be watching Lexi. Needless to say he wakes me up. Apparently lil Miss knocked the diaper bag over, went digging for the tots, and once she found them she dumped them out and smushed them into pieces she could eat and was shoveling them in her mouth! Oh my goodness what a chunk! She is so funny when it comes to food! love that girl! Lexi will be 8 months on Monday and will be starting meats so look for the tutorial on that one! Have a safe and blessed weekend everyone!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

LOL!! you tree hugger!
My friend was visiting this weekend form Chicago and she suggested making cleaning products and her husband said NO WAY! He likes his chemicals!! HE also said no way to cloth diaper if they ever have babies. I think for me, I just feel safer with the natural cleaners because I am such a klutz and am absent minded sometimes, so better safe than sorry for me. I do still use baby oxy clean and I LOVE IT becaue Anika stains so many of her clothes with throw up and not sure about formula but breast milk is super oily and hard to get off.

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