Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Tidbits!

 Not too terribly much happening over hear lately! This last weekend the best friend and her bf came in for a couple days to celebrate her 21st bday! The weekend was crazy hectic, but very fun! We had a blast and made lots of memories! It was also our first time leaving Lexi but she did wonderful, didnt even cry! Way to go Lexi!

Yesterday we started Lexi on sme new foods and she isnt so sure of them! We gave her veggie straws and stage 3 chunky foods. She knows to chew but she doesn't like the food so she wont eat it. She is at a stand still with food, all she wants to eat is junk and I am not sure how to approach this! The girl loves food, snacks, juice, etc. but turns her head to formula. She has prob at the most 3-4 6 ounce bottles of formula a day! We are also in the process of switching completely to sippy cup but we still have lots of time, so we arent pushing it. She is also beginning to break the nunu habit all on her own! this is bittersweet because now its harder to comfort her but I am so happy I wont have a 2 year old running around with a nunu!

Ryan just got a new job which is such a blessing! Of course, we are kind of nervous with finances b/c it is new and we arent sure and with just one income we get nervous but God never fails his people and we are putting our trust in him! We will also be buying another car for Ryan to commute (its a little over an hour) but for the time being we will have just one vehicle :/ We are prob going to have to end up moving for a couple reasons! I am nervous about this b/c we have a lease until next August, but you have to do what you have to do. The houses where we will be moving are much cheaper so we will have a bigger house (which we totally need) and I am excited about that! Just nervous about it all!

I think that is pretty much all that is going on lately! How is everyone else doing?


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

what is veggie straw?
And yey on the new job!! It will all work out! :)

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