Saturday, August 27, 2011

Awaiting Patience

Today I still find myself awaiting patience. There is so much going on around here and it is so stressful! you could really cut the stress and tension with a knife! Today we went house hunting. we looked at about 5 houses, but one really caught our eye. Our lease in the house we are in isnt up until next August so last week we talked to our landlord and he was okay with it and said he understood so we decided to move forward. So today we went house hunting. Well we found one we loved and we decided we liked it and were going to move frward and we get in contact with our current landlord and he says ' well you will be responsible for the rent here until your lease is up or someone else rents the house'.  cricket,cricket. didnt we just talk to you a week ago and this was okay? why the change of heart? I am so frustrated and confused! We are stuck now. stuck here commuting everyday. Ryans job is well worth the commute but still this would have made our lives so much easier. I guess it isn't meant to be and is a blessing in disguise? But right now its hard to see! So I sit here awaiting patience and hoping and praying that someone calls interested in the house and wanting to rent it. That would be great! But until then I will sit here and await  patience!


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