Friday, September 21, 2012

And then there was one...

My husband is a very unique man if he wasn't, I probably wouldn't love his as much! Haha, jk :) he grew up on the Bayou in Crownpoint, LA. Apparently, his grandfather was a very hands on man. He had a gas station/convenience store on the water for boats, animals of all sorts, and planted a garden. That is a lot going on. So since my hubs grew up like that he wants to incorporate some of the stuff he loved into Lexi's life. So he had this brilliant idea (his words, not mine)! Do you know what that is??
For a country girl, this may be normal, but for this girl? I was extremely taken back by it! But I agreed and stood back and let him do his thing. we have a dog kennel that has no purpose in the backyard, so that is where they reside. He bought a tarp for over the top so they are protected from crows, possums, coons, etc. And the best part? Guess where they live??? The dog house!! It is pretty hysterical! Lexi was ecstatic about the chickens. She keeps saying 'my kikens!! My kikens! They are gone!' She always wants to visit them and feed them. Last night, she was in their kernel with them for a good 30-45 minutes.
Now, if you know anything about dogs and chickens you know how it is. Dogs are two ways when it comes to chickens. 1) they will protect them til their death or 2) they will try to use them as their entree every chance they get. Can you guess which one Maverick was? He tried to eat them!! Multiple times.. supposedly chickens get really scared really easily. So when he would have these barking fits it would really freak them out. For the last two days, once the little girl I watch leaves, we go see the chickens. Today, when I went out there one was on the ground in the house, not moving. Immediately, I knew it was a goner. The other chicken is the wild one an he was calm too! We waited on Ryan to confirm, and he did. I think Lexi is too young to understand but I rushed her inside very quickly, just in case!
Now? Lexi walked up to me and said 'I want cowwwwww!' I said okay, talk to your daddy. So we called daddy and he says they have to talk me into it BC he is all for it. She said 'I neeeeeed it!' Umm where do they learn these things?? I really think she is 21 mos going on 5 years! What a silly girl.



oh my goodness this is just too cute! lexi is going to be a genuine country girl... wit big bows! i can't wait to hear if you get a cow

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