Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lexi Lynn

Lexi you are 21 months old! I can barely believe you are so close to 2! That is bizarre but I am thankful for every month because thE next 5 minutes isn't a guarantee. This post isn't a monthly update or anything, Just wanted to update for myself. Got to have records of all the hilarious stuff you are doing these days. And all the progress you is making daily, especially speech wise.
You are around 22 lbs, wearing size 4-5 shoes, and all over the grid clothes wise (anywhere from 6-9 mos to some 12-18 month, and a rare 24 month or 2T)
Still fully cloth diapers with the exception of the pull ups we bought for the hurricane that need to be used.
Talking has increased dramatically. In about 6 weeks you went from speaking a few words to speaking full phrases and so many more words. I think you are still a little behind, but  catching up quickly.
New words: okay (in this adorable little southern accent, sounds like o-ky), yep, yes, meese(Please), tank you, sassie(she calls every dog we see Sassie or Sam and she has an aunt sassie), Sham( Sam), pie (paranh), pawpaw, Nana, yaya, choose choose, bed (bread), juice, cheese ( sometimes cheese, sometimes Mac n cheese), car, alright, and cookie. You say 'me want to coloy!' (Color), Mama new shoes, me go high high, bunk my noggin, i need help!, im o-ky/alrighty, etc.  You are repeating a lot more and saying more words than these, but i can't recall the others.
You love shoes and I mean LOVE shoes! You are a girly girl through and through. You love to wear bows and get dressed. Today you put you shoes on all by yourself when I wasn't looking!
You do this adorable little kick when daddy says 'smell it, smell it, now TAKE it' you kick on the take :) it is hilarious!
You are growing like a weed, more and more everyday. We are so blessed to have you in our lives! We are so thankful to be your parents :) love you cupcake baby!


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