Monday, April 30, 2012


Today, I am feeling blessed! Blessed by so many reasons that this is going to be a bullet post!
*blessed that even though Lexi has another ear infection, we can afford to take her to the doctor and her meds. Plus, a toy to make her feel better! Thank you Lord for blessing our finances.
*blessed to have such a wonderful boss. She came to get the girls without even a second thought about it and then apologized for taking so long. What a sweet lady! I really like her.
*blessed that my hubby works for a family friendly company. He mentioned to his boss that lexi had 104* fever and he told him to come be with us.
*blessed to have such good mom friends (thanks Ashley!!) who are always there and give me their input!
*blessed that even though my bestie Aimy has been gone extremely too long that she is coming home soon! Ahhh hurry up!
*blessed that this past weekend i had a great day with my family. And a smooth visit with my inlaws and my hubby wasn there!
*blessed that my relationship with my mother in law is much etter than ever. Talk about a 360* turn around!
*blessed to have a new, more dependable car! And its pretty and gets much better gas milaege.
*blessed to have a job and be helpig with finances!
*blessed to have a job I love an that i get to keep my baby with me :) that is such a blessing in itself!

Thank you Lord for all my blessings- big and small. There are so many mee than what I named but these are the ones on the top of my list today!



You definitely are blessed!! I hope Lexi gets better soon!

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