Friday, April 13, 2012

40 year old boyfriend...

Don't get all worried on me here! It is just an inside joke ;). My husband doesn't understand the whole 'blog world' so he is oblivious to how great it can truely be! I talk about blog friends here and there but there are the ones that I talk about alot. He nicknames them so he can remember! Haha, for instance Ashley over at Introverted Mama ( is Tallahassee! This is who this blog post refers to, specifically! Her and I have become very close over the last 6ish months and I can honestly say she is one of my best friends! So, i mention her here and there to the hubs and we have a little insde joke. He swears that she is a 40 year old man wanting to hurt me & Lexi then steal her. I am sure this does really happen, but in this situation it obviously isn't the case. He thinks she goes as far as to make up fake kids (Wylie and baby girl) and use a voice disguiser to make her sound like a lady, with a fake Facebook acct and fake friends and everything. He has this all thought out in his noggin. It is seriously hysterical. And the funniest part, Ashley's husband calls me her '40 year old boyfriend'! Hahaha soo funny! We have been trying To schedule a time to meet and for our families to go on vacation together and it has been difficult to plan around the husbands schedules. We had discussed just meeting up during the week without the guys but they both thinks its not safe. Boo! I guess it is sweet of them To think of our safety :) so we have a date on the books and I am so excited! I hope everything works out. Then, our husbands will understand that we don't have 40 year old stalkers or boyfriends! Haha. It is going to be a great little vacation.



Hahaha I can completely vouch for Ashley that she is most definitely *not* a 40 year old man and that her kids and husband are very real ;) LOL too funny!!


This whole post made me giggle. Our husbands are too funny and definitely have a lot in common. I can't wait to finally get together and have a mini vacation. I'm so glad we've "met" because you have definitely become one of my best friends too. Yay for friendships :)


my husband is the same way!! except not the 40 part but he thinks blog people are hairy old men out to get me. He calls one one of my first blog friends that...he is MUCH MUCH better now that its been a couple years...and when he sees the "hairy men" sending BOWS! and stuff :)

Jessica @ a new adventure

Sooo funny!!! My hubby is the same way! That is until he started his own blog. I love the blogging world.

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