Monday, April 16, 2012

Lexi Ear Update!

Today we had Lexi's check up to make sure her ears are all clear of ear infections. I am happy to say thag after two rounds of antibiotics (and probiotics to rebuild her system) they are gone! Yay! That was such a relief to me! No tubes :) She weighs 21 lbs 3 oz so that means she gained a pound in about 3 weeks, wow! The girl is an eater. The other good news is that she has started talking! She says a handful or words now and will hold A conversation (in her own language, of course) on the phone. That, my friends, melts my heart! She says: toy, duck, no, ball, meat, be(strawberry), wow, weeeeee, wow weeeee, nana, and dadeeee! I think I forgot a few but these are thw main ones! She literally said and repeated all these words this weekend! I have no idea why so suddenly, but I am not complaining :) i think with Chloe being here alot now that she is going to really pick up on talking! Yesterday, at Ponchatoula strawberry fest they had a little animal farm and she walked up to it and said 'baaaa'! I was a proud mama. She really loved all the animals in the petting farm, but the goats and alligators were her favorite! It was so awesome to see her walking around just taking it all in. Hope everyone had a great weekend!



Look at that- You have a talker!! Im glad she is all better!

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