Thursday, April 26, 2012

Neon Rice Tutorial

Sorry for the lack of posting, 3 girls under 3 has proven to be exhausting! Today, I am Going to be posting my first tutorial. I have been searching Pinterest for a ton of toddler activities and I have so many pinned! The thing that keeps popping up is sensory boxes and bottles. So today I went to the dollar tree and walmart and bought everything we needed for it! Oh, and boxes with lids are huge apparently and they sell small ones at the dollar store for $1! Can't beat that! Here is what you will need to dye rice:
Rice(i bought a huge bag at walmart for $6 because I have lots of rice activites pinned)
Food coloring (i already had neon- pretty)
Zip seal bags
Measuring cup

First: measure out 2 cups of rice and put it into your zip bag. I made bags for all the colors ahead of time so it would be more efficient.
Next: measure 2 tablespoons of vinegar into your bag and add your food coloring. It is really up to you hoe much you add, I added 20 drops and they turned out very vibrant!
Then: zip up your bag and mix all the rice until it is all covered.
Finally: cover pans in wax paper and let it air dry.
Now you have really pretty rice for your sensory boxes and bottles, or pictures! Imagine the possibilities. I will be back to post about my sensory box and bottles very soon :)

P.s. Thank you to Pinterest for all the recipes and inspiration!



So creative, and looks like fun!!


Those turned out so bright and fun! I can't wait to hear how the activities turn out. I feel like such a slacker mom because I really haven't done too much yet (I keep envisioning things being easier once baby girl arrives...I might be naive!)

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