Thursday, April 5, 2012


Changes are a thing of life and I should be used to it by now. As soon as we get in a great routine with Lexi, it changes! As soon as I get in a good cooking/cleaning/wifeing/mommying Something reuqires a change. I feel like i am just now getting decent at this stay at home mom gig and Well guess what? It is all about to change! Change makes me a nervous person. I am a high anxiety personality person and I overthink things alot. I am so very grateful for all the blessings in our life-both big and small- because there are so many! Our God is a great God and he has a master plan for all of us.
I have been a stay at home mommy for 16 months now! Anf before then? I was a nanny from May to September. And before that? Yeah, I was a spoiled college student and wasn't required to work. You see, all my life, I haven't really been required to work! My parents wanted my grades as number one so they paid for everything! Long story short, I havent had a real job, ( leavin the house making money job because even though this stay at home mom gig is hard, im Not making money or leaving the house) in 3-ish years! So to say that I am Now looking into job opportunities, to say the least! I am praying about it and putting it in God's hands because HE has the master plan and he already knows where this road is going to take me. I am just praying for patience, because that, my friends, is something I lack! Whether it be an out of the home job, babysitting/nanny type job, or heck if suddenly my bow business blows up, I will be thankful! I am embracing this change in our lives and i am kinda excited to see how it all plays out. I am going see about one job that I would absolutely love to have on Saturday! Just praying that the Lord blesses it or blocks it. Could you join me in prayer for this job? It would be perfect for me! But even if it doesnt work out, there will be one! Thanks so much :)



Praying for you girl! If it works out, it'll be an awesome opportunity and if it doesn't, that just means God has something else planned for you!

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