Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sleep training: Part One!

Sleep training/ sleep methods are a huge taboo in blog world. Everyone has their own opinion and something that works for you may not work for your best friend. This is just what works for us and I dont judge otherwise. To each their own and you gotta do what works to get your rest :)
When Lexi was first born she slept in her crib or the bassinet part of the playpen. My mom was huge on wanting her to sleep in the crib and since he stayed with me for the first three weeks, we went with it. When I originally envisioned being a mom i always said 'we won't co-sleep, it id so dangerous!' and boy did I eat those words. Lexi had really bad GERD and after an acid reflux episode at 6 weeks she switched to the fisher price rock n play sleeper. I can't say enough good things about thE rock n play! It is perfect for a GERD baby! It is really perfect for any baby, to be honest. She slept right next to our bed nd was within reach and she slept so comfortably. It was easy to take places (it made the 12 hr trip to Missouri with us and she slept in it the whole time!) Until she turned 6 mos and decided she was going to pull herself outta it. Then it was time to retire it. I may or may not have shed a tear, literally! Lexi was still on the apnea monitor and with it going off every night we didn't want to chance her in the nursery. We drcided to try co-sleeping and the rest is history !
Lexi is a very spoiled baby. I layed down with her for naps to out her to sleep, at night, All the time. It has worked really well for our family- it really has! I love having her right there next to us and her middle of the night cuddles. But she is getting older now (17 months on the 7th, wow!!) so it is time to begin to transition. We have always followed Lexi's lead and this was no different. Yesterday she decided for her nap she was going to sleep in her crib! She slept there for an hour! That is huge for us! And today she took 2 naps in there (a total of 3 hrs) and we put her to sleep for the night in there tonight. She probably won't stay there all night because I am shopping for a video monitor because i am a nervous wreck! But, it is a start. It has been a fairly easy transition (hopefuly i am not jinxing myself) and we have followed her lead the whole way. Therefor, there have been very very very few tears! No cryin it out makes this mama heart happy! CIO just doesn't work for us. This is getting lengthy, so hopefully within the next week we will have a part 2!



Yay! I really hope it goes well. If so, she better whisper some secrets to Wylie in June letting him know how awesome it is to sleep through the night on her own ;)


First off, thank you for you sweet comments you leave me! They make my day!

Second, I am super impressed with the progress you have made so far! It really does sound like you are following her lead, and that makes it so much less painful!!! Hoping for good news updates!!! :)


I think its great you co slept for so long and dont let anyone tell you differently :) I wish Anika would sleep with me. She just wont SLEEP....unless she doesnt feel well. IF she would actually sleep in my bed, she would be there :) I love how you follow Lexi's lead- you are a good mama and listen to your gut!

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