Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sleep training recap

I have been hesitant for typing this post for two reasons; 1) I am afraid to jinx ourselves and 2) I was waiting to see if it stayed consistent or if it was a fluke thing. I am Happy to report that it wasn't a fluke! Lexi has been sleeping on her own in her crib or playpen! She take two 1 hr naps a day in Her playpen with minimal tears (less than a minute of crying). At night she goes to sleep at 8ish and then sleeps til 1am-3am And comes to be with us. It isn't worth the fight at that hour and i am way too tired and lazy to try! Her sleeping on her own from 8-3ish and napping is better than nothing and I am so happy with it! She even did well sleeping on her own when we went on our mini road trip this last weekend.
Some things we did to make It easier are we gave her a 'bedtime buddy' that only goes to sleep with her. We also have the radio on K-Love very low and a nightlight. It really was a pretty easy transition and I think it was because we followed her cues.



I have had a similar post saved but I'm too afraid to post it and jinx it! Even though wylie's sleeping is getting worse instead of better so there it can't get too much worse. I really hope Lexi keeps it up :)

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