Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Ryan typically works weekends Charter Fishing- he is (and has been for months now) been working two jobs lately! He loves being a captain and he enjoys it so much! The one downfall (but totally worth it) is that the weekends are long hours and he is basically gone the whole weekend. This weekend was the first weekend in a very long time that he had off and we soaked it up!

On Saturday I let Ryan sleep in a bit because he got up once Friday night and took one of Abram's feedings so that I could get a couple extra hours of sleep! (Crazy how when you are so tired that an extra hour or two makes a huge difference!) I woke up early on Saturday morning and made the family breakfast- homemade biscuits and sausage. Yummy! It was delicious. Then, we got ready to head to my aunts house. She needed Ryan to do some plumbing stuff for her. After that we headed to our errands- Ryan went to Academy to get the last hunting things he needs for Rifle season in Missouri this weekend and I went to Hancock to get fabric for the nursing cover I made. Then we headed downtown! I have been dying to go to the French Quarter lately and take in the sights and the weather has been glorious lately. Saturday did not disappoint. Plus, my mom wanted some cups from Community Coffee so we hit up the coffee house while we were down there.

Sunday I got to sleep in! It was so refreshing. We took our time waking up and then when I got up I started cleaning. Ryan did some things outside and played with Lexi. We went for a walk down to Aunt Gigi & Uncle Don's house and hung out there for a bit. Then we came back home and Ryan ran to the store because he had to make gumbo to take to deer camp this weekend. We took advantage of it and made some extra and invited the family over to watch the Saints game and hang out. It was a great time- great food and great fellowship! I love having family so close that we can have impromptu family nights. It really is such a blessing. Sure this sounds like a boring weekend but it was so refreshing! It was exactly what I needed before our trip to Missouri this weekend, where I will become a hunting widow. With two kids. At my parents house. That, shall be interesting in itself! How was your weekend?



Wait, you made a nursing cover? You are nursing?

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