Friday, November 1, 2013

Our New Normal

Going from one kid to two kids always scared me. The unknown of it can really freak a mom out. I know a few people who have two kids and it seems pretty split on having it be a really easy transition verses a really tough one. This is just our experience- everyone has their own and their own ways of doing things. This is just what works for us!

While I was in the hospital, it was pretty much normal day to day life. Lexi was with my mother in law mainly and Ryan was working most of the weekend. I think my transition started a little bit in the hospital when it was just Abram and I. We roomed in and he stayed with me as much as he could. He only spent the necessary time in the nursery. He was such a great baby and I was enjoying the bonding time with him! By the end of the weekend I was beyond ready to head home. Truth be told, I was ready Saturday by lunch! I just don't do good with being cooped up and checked on so much. Lexi came up to the hospital a few times to meet her baby brother but she also did a ton of special things with just her!

We came home Sunday and my mother in law picked us up since Ryan was working. When we got home it was pretty overwhelming. We had gifts everywhere, I needed to pump the first time, clothes and bags, the house was a disaster area (even though it was cleaned thoroughly while I was laboring!), and it was just a lot. Once we got settled though, it went really smoothly. We had a great first night and are already in somewhat of our own routine. We had a doctor appointment Monday and my parents were in Monday and Tuesday so it was pretty chaotic. Wednesday we had yet another doctor appointment and Thursday was my first day alone with both kiddos. It was great! We just went with what worked for us and it seems to still be working. Will there be bumps along the way? Absolutely! But so far, so good!

Lexi- we worked for months to prepare Lexi as best as we could for us bringing home a baby brother. While I was in the hospital I am told she asked about me frequently and wanted to come see me and baby brother. She woke up at night looking for me, but got over it pretty quickly. Except one night she asked where I was and YaYa told her. She then said 'we need to go get her right now!' So sweet! She is a mama's girl through and through. She has adjusted wonderfully! I don't know if its her age or that she just gets it but she is doing great. She is a huge helper and doesn't freak out too bad when brother cries. She wanted to hold him constantly when we got home but has gotten pretty used to him now. Maverick has acted out more than she has. She has her moments though. When other people are around she is extra clingy and whiney, and she has been more whiney and crying more in general. When she does that I just give her a little extra lovings and she seems to calm right down.

Overall, I definitely can't complain about our new normal! We have full hearts and full laps and I wouldn't change it for the world. We are so very, very blessed!



Glad to hear she loves to help so much! she Is a great big sister!

Laura Sager

I am glad your first born is adjusting well! It's so fun to watch them take on the older sibling role.

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