Monday, October 28, 2013

Abram's Arrival: Part Two

If you missed Part One you can find it here.

When I finally had enough, around 4:30-4:45 I went and woke Ryan up and let him know we needed to go in and see what the deal was and talk to Dr. H. He agreed and woke up and got ready. We left the house around 5-5:10, but not before Ryan could do a video of him with Olive Oil Pam saying we were in labor. In the background you could hear me asking 'Can we go to the hospital now?' Looking back, it is hilarious and the video will be funny to show Abram but at the time it was annoying. Anyway, Ryan said that we weren't leaving the hospital without a baby in our arms! I was hoping he was right but I wasn't hopeful at this point. We got to the hospital and got checked in rather quickly because they had a slow night. She checked me and told me I was 4cm dilated! I was shocked. Here we go- active labor. We are having an Abram today!! They got my IV in after 4 failed attempts- first the vein rolled, then another vein blew, then they couldn't get in in the vein, and finally they got it halfway up my arm. They started my IV and asked if I was getting an epidural. Most definitely so!! At this point I was uncomfortable but not in ridiculous amounts of pain.

Around 6:30 they called Dr. H and let him know that I was in active labor but he was on his way to Mississippi! I was heartbroken that he wasn't going to be able to deliver me. One of his other doctors in the practice actually delivered and I wasn't too fond of him, but what could I do? So they talked to the doctor who would be delivering and they decided that my contractions were too sporadic and not long enough so they were going to break my water and give me Pitocin. He came in and broke my water around 8-8:15. Immediately I started feeling the contractions way more. They were so much more painful and consistent. I was miserable! I was trying to be strong and not cry but sometimes the tears just came. All I could do was to pray and just try to focus. When they told me my epidural was on its way I was so excited! They couldn't get there fast enough. I finally got my epidural, without having a contraction, Praise God! This was about 8:30-8:35ish. I don't remember times very much because it all happened so quickly and I was busy concentrating. The nurse left me for 20 to let the epidural kick in and started the Pitocin right before she left. I was still feeling pain and my left leg was way more numb than my right- I could feel everything on my right side. They decided to give me some extra meds to put me at ease and outta pain. I was so thankful for that! She went to do my catheter and check to see my progress. She said she thought I would have made good progress just by looking at my contractions on the monitor. When she checked me I was 9 cm!!! I was absolutely amazed!! Then she left and called the delivering OB and came back and I was 10cm and his head was really really low. She wouldn't let me push even though I had the urge to. They got me all set up for delivery and the doctor finally showed up. A few pushes later and Abram was born at 9:35am! It was very, very quick! She said I went from a 4-5cm to a baby in less than an hour!

Some bullet points I want to remember:
*I always wanted to know what it would feel like to feel your water break. Creepy. At first when they broke it I couldn't feel anything except for pain- it really hurt me because his head was still pretty posterior. But after? Every time I would have a contraction I would feel the water gush out and it was disgusting and got old quick.
*Aimy was in the delivery room with us!
*They had a resident that actually did more than the doctor, in my opinion. She came in while I was getting all setup before my epidural and just checked me and asked a bunch of questions. She said we would have a baby around lunchtime. Yeah, she was wrong because it was definitely breakfast haha! She was very nice though kind of strange. Not going to lie she reminded me of Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy.
*I was extremely blessed with nurses. All the nurses I had were amazing but the one who actually was with me the most and delivered me? She was a God Send!! Amazing to say the least.
*All these moms that do natural labor? I give them mad props. I could NEVER do it! You go girls!
*Ryan and I think that if Dr, H would have been the doctor who delivered he would not have given me the Pitocin. I think that is what made me go so quickly. With Lexi after they broke my water I went from an 8-10cm in about 30 mins so I was expecting breaking my water to speed things up drastically.




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