Friday, October 25, 2013

Abram's Arrival into Our Lives

Tuesday, October 15 I had an appointment with Dr. H. Everything was great! I was down 3 pounds for some crazy reason and while I hadn't made much progress, I made some (I was 50% thinned and 1cm dilated). I was actually pretty bummed because I was expecting more since I had been having tons of contractions/BH and was hurting sometimes. I asked about induction because we were worried about his kidney and his cord but Dr. H said I needed to be dilated to a 3 and at least 39 weeks pregnant. (According to his due date, I would be 39 weeks exactly that Friday, October 18). He told me he wouldn't induce me and that if he did I would end up with a C-section and pretty much to be patient. I asked him what if our due date/conception date were right, then I would be 40 weeks on October 19. He said, "If it is, you will have the baby before the 19th'.  I was feeling very defeated and actually spent the evening pouting like my 2 year old! Sad, but true. And I kept seeing everyone else due after me or right at the same time having their babies, so that didn't help at all. After I really looked and thought about the situation I got over it and just told myself it was time to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy and the last of my time with just Lexi.

Wednesday morning I felt fine but by Wednesday night I was having some contractions. They started out irregular but they quickly got consistent. They were about 10 mins apart. This lasted for 3 hours and then they completely disappeared. They were gone for 3 hours when they came back with a vengeance- about  5-7 minutes apart for three hours. Then they went away for three more hours and came back again 2-3 minutes apart. Well by 5am they were inconsistent again I decided it was time to call the doctor. At this point they were anywhere from 2 minutes to 5 minutes apart. When I talked to the nurse she said that I needed to get to the hospital in 30 minutes or less. I got Lexi ready and brought her to her nanny's house and Ryan met me at the hospital. Once we got checked in they checked me and I was still 50% thinned, 1-2 cm dilated, and his head was at a 3 station. I was in early labor. They watched my contractions for a few hours and then released me. The nurse said 'Well we can't give you Pitocin because you aren't 39 weeks until tomorrow. But you are in early labor- it could be hours or days.' I was so mad when she said that! We were talking less than 24 hours. But I just sucked it up and went home. No more contractions for the rest of the day.

That evening when Ryan came home we decided to take Lexi for a walk down to her nanny's house. By the time we got to her nanny's I was having contractions and they were different. I just had a feeling they were the real deal. We headed home to eat dinner and relax and Lexi's nanny wanted to take her to get a special toy and test run her spending the night with her. We got her all ready and she headed out. As we were getting her ready I was having steady contractions that I could really start to feel. They were about 6-7 minutes apart. I had my bloody show at 7 and from then on the pain just got worse. I kept having contractions that were steady but not too steady. Then the contractions were every 2 minutes lasting a minute steadily for 3 hours! Then guess what happened? They spaced out. I was still having contractions every 5-7 minutes but they were so sporadic there was no pattern to them. We stayed up late this night because we were convinced I was in active labor but when the contractions spaced out again I sent Ryan to bed. This was about 11pm. By 1am I was having an emotional breakdown. I couldn't sleep because the contractions kept coming and they were getting painful. I called my mom crying because I was hurting and these contractions weren't doing anything (or so I thought). My mom basically told me to just wait it out and see what happens and call Dr. H first thing in the morning. I decided that was a good plan- I could make it until 5am and wake Ryan up to go to Labor and delivery, then I could see Helman when he did his rounds before he went into the office. 1am-5am were ROUGH. I watched my shows, tried to eat a protein bar, and just stay as comfortable as I could. I tried to sleep again but it just wasn't working for me.

To Be Continued..


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