Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Abram Ryan~ 1 Month

Abram is one month old already! Crazy how quickly that happens, isn't it?

EATING: You are strictly breastfed, except for an occasional bottle here and there so daddy can feed you. You eat every 3-4 hours during the day and at night you go 4-6 hours, typically. You nurse 6 times in a 12 hour period every single day. There is an occasional day here and there were you nursed 7 times but that only happened once or twice. Still tracking your feedings for my own sanity. I am always worried that you aren't getting enough- nursing is scary like that!

SLEEPING: You are a pretty decent sleeper and I am so very thankful for that! You can do 4-6 hour stretches at night and it is amazing! You usually get up once around 11-2 and again around 4-6, depending on when you went to sleep and up for the day at 8am-ish every day. I can't complain about that! When you do get up you eat, get changed, swaddled, and right back to sleep. You kind of fight it a little bit at your 4-6am feeding but eventually you just give in and go back to sleep.

WEARING: You have officially moved up to newborn diapers but we are about to switch you to size ones as soon as you are out of newborn. You are starting to leak out of the newborn size. Clothing you still swim in but you are wearing newborn and some 0-3 month outfits, if they are one pieces. You fit in like two pairs of pants because you are still so small! You just moved out of all your newborn sleepers, already! They fit you except for the length. Your little toesies were trying to poke through. Still not fitting in any shoes just yet, except for dino slippers.

MILESTONES: You are holding your head up very well and it amazes me! Other than that, right now you are just growing!

LIFE IN GENERAL: You were such an easy baby when you came home and you are really starting to get a personality already. You have reflux or colic or something going on. You cry a lot, randomly, and it is a pain cry. Poor baby. It is heartbreaking! You also have thrush, which you so kindly shared with me. We are treating it with coconut oil and it seems to really be helping. You went on your first vacation- to Nana and Papa's house- and that was quite an adventure. I attempted your one month pictures and you wanted nothing to do with it, so they are all of you screaming. Lately, you have been in pain a ton so I just kept them because they are pretty accurate of your life at this point!

We love you so much baby boy! Keep on growing!

{We are using Al the Alligator and the blankets for size comparison to watch Abram grow!}



I thought Leni had thrush (it ended up being milk on her tongue all the time) but when I thought she had it my midwife told me to mix water with white vinegar and use a qtip to apply to her tongue. Glad everything is going so well. His legs are sooo long !


Happy 1 month Abram!! :)

Callie Nicole

He is such a cutie! his poor little crying faces are so sad. :-(

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