Monday, November 4, 2013

Abram at 2 weeks!

Abram turned two weeks old on Friday, November 1st! It is very new for me, but of course I was 2 days late taking his pictures and 3 days late writing his post. I kind of feel bad because Lexi didn't get posts like these! I was new to blogging and I updated a bit but not very much. So second kid syndrome totally didn't apply here ;)



EATING: You had jaundice so we were supplementing in the beginning but you have been a professional nurser since you were born! Daddy says it is because you are his boy, ha! Nursing this time around has been a completely different story. You took to bottles with no problem and no confusion nursing. You also took to the nunu with no confusion. I wanted to wait to introduce it because I didn't want to chance you getting confused, but you rocked it! I am proud that you haven't had a bottle in two days! Woohoo for strictly mama milk :) Your doctor wants me spacing out your feedings to every 4 hours and if you want to eat in between giving you sugar water, but I am following my mama heart and nursing on demand, if I think you are hungry. If you are doing it for comfort, I will give you sugar water but that has only been the case once or twice. This was a personal decision between your daddy & I.

SLEEPING: Oh boy, this is where it gets interesting! When you first came home you slept amazing! You would sleep 3-4 hour stretches and I would always wake you at 4 hours because I thought I needed to. Once your doctor said to stop that, you started sleeping one 6 hour stretch! Halloween night you even slept 11-6:30! I figured it was a fluke, and boy was I right. Since then? You are sleeping 2-3 hour stretches. In your defense, I think you are going through a growth spurt and dealing with some reflux. Either way, while it is a little exhausting you eat, I change you and you go right back to sleep with no problem most nights.

WEIGHT/WEARING: When we went to your last appointment (1 week, 3 days) you were back up to birth weight-  6 pounds 11 ounces! You, my boy, are so teeny tiny and so long!! You are wearing only newborn clothes and most of them swim on you. You have outgrown two sleepers already because you are so long. You are in preemie diapers! You have one pair of dinosaur slippers that fit you, but that is it, shoe wise.

BIG SISTER LEXI: Lexi has been so amazing since we brought you home! She loves to help in any way she can! She has learned all the names of the things we ask her to grab for you- burp cloths, nunus, bulb syringe/snot thing, etc. She still begs to hold you, feed you, and kiss you! She is just amazed by you, as are we! You are so blessed to have such an amazing big sister. As for Maverick, he is acting out way worse than sister ever would have! Crazy dog.

MILESTONES: Your umbilical cord fell off on October 30 at 12 days old! It looks crazy weird though- it has this like stump looking thing inside of it. Your daddy says you are just going to have an innie/outie! It is pretty cute. You had your first bath and HATED every second of it. You do not like to be cold one bit. You are really good at holding your head up, which I am so not ready for! You are also very alert. I started a project 365 on instagram for tracking your daily growth for your first year! I am pretty excited about it! It's #ABRAMRYANproject365

NICKNAMES: We call you Abram, Abey baby, little man, man, sometimes bubba, and a friend came up with A-man and that is really growing on me!

OVERALL: You are such a different baby than your sister. You are very calm and content, most of the time. You are such a joy to our hearts and even though you have only been here two weeks, I am amazed how I barely remember you not being here! You are such a sweet baby and a mama's boy- love it!

We love you our little captain baby! You are amazing!


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