Sunday, June 17, 2012

18 month Check-up

Lexi had her 18 month check up on Thursday! It was my first dr visit I couldn't go to and it was heartbreaking. I know she was in good hands though. It worked out perfectly that Ryan was scheduled off that day so he could take her. Going in, I was 99% sure she had yet another ear infection in her right ear. I also wanted to ask about allergies because it seems like she has some. I was very shocked and upset about the appointment, which is why I haven't posted yet.
It turns out she has a double ear infection again! Let us recap this, 15 month appt first ear infection- it was a double ear infection and was very very bad and took 2 rounds of antibiotics to clear it up. We were done with the antibiotics so we went in April 16th to check and her ears were cleared. Fast forward 10 days we are in urgent care with a 103 degree fever and yet another ear infection! Antibiotics were given and the ear infection cleared, again. Last week we discovered it is her 3rd in 3 mos! I am getting really aggravated with this. My poor baby girl gets in so much pain with these, it is heartbreaking. Well we asked the dr if there is anything we can do and she prescribes ANOTHER antibiotic! This is her 4th antibiotic in 3 mos and all of them were 10 days, with one lasting 14 days! So 44 days of those 3 mos she was on antibiotics. That is Ridiculous! She refuses to even discuss tubes until she gets another ear infection. Then we will be referred to an ENT (ear, nose, and throat specialist) and he/she will decide what our next step is. I understand protocol and all, but this is getting old. It is not only putting her in oain but her speech suffers as well. We can always tell when she is geting another one because her words start to sound muffled. The doctor wants us to go to speech therapy but what is the point if she can't hear because the fluid in her ears?! Her vocabulary is nowhere near where it should be and I would bet pretty much anything this is due to her ears. Did I mention how it affects her sleep? When she has ear infections we are lucky to get 10-11 hrs at night and two 45 min naps. When she doesn't? She sleeps all night (12 hrs) and two hour and a half naps! Another thing that is concerning is that Lexi lost weight since her last check up. She went from 21lbs 6oz to 20lbs 6oz. When she is already small this is a huge difference!! Lexi had GERD as a baby and never had a problem with weight gain so this worries me. Do I think it is a coincidence that as soon as these ear infections start that she starts loosing weight? I think not. Do I think it is directly related? Absolutely so! Being on an antibiotic that much affects her. Yet this doctor talks to me like I am a child and refuses to do pretty much anything. Leaving that appointment, I was Irrate! Now, thinking about it, I am madder. I am torn on what to do about this situation and I just am praying for guidance. Please pray with us and if you have any experience with any of this, please share!



I don't have any advice but I'm praying for guidance and understanding on this situation. Remember, it's ok to go to another doctor and get a 2nd opinion. Sounds like this one talks down to you because you are young. I'd find someone more concerned with Lexi's health than how young her mother is.


OH no! Poor baby girl!!Im praying for ya'll. If it was ME, I would cut out DAIRY! IT is a big culprit of ear infections.

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