Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend Guests: Ashley & Family

It has been almost a week since Ashley and her adorable family came in and stayed with us and met for the first time. It was a really great weekend! We had so much fun and I am So glad (and blessed!) to have become such great friends with her. I am excited that our husbands know we are real now and that Ashley is a 'real life friend'. There will definitely be more meet ups in the future, once that baby girl is born and ready for Visitors! We are going to refer to Ashley & her family as the 'C family' In this post.
The C family arrived at our house late Thursday night when I was home alone. We chatted for a bit and played then once Ryan was home with Lexi we headed to bed. The next morning we had originally planned to go to the zoo but it was supposed to rain (figures that it didn't end up raining). We ended up going to the City Museum in Hammond and meeting Aimy & Mali there! The kids played for what seemed like forever and had a blast. We then headed home because the girls I watch were getting picked up for 5.
And my dad (who lives in missouri) was in town and going to Visit and stay the night. My parents bought Lexi this little antique-y vintage pink car. We had fried shrimp and homemade french fries and it was a delicious meal! Then everyone went to bed early and I stayed up with my dad watching a racing movie. The boys woke up bright and early and headed to Lafitte for their fishing trip and we slept in as much as we could with two toddlers! Then we got everyone fed, dressed, and ready to head out.
We went blueberry picking and it was really fun! Not as productive as we were hoping, (haha!) but fun. Lexi picked those blueberries like she was born to do it! She would only eat the ripe ones. Wylie was good at picking too! He just wanted to run though- must be a boy thing ;) i ended up with like 3/4th lb and Ashley had a 1/2 of a lb? I believe, but I could be wrong! Then we went home and cooked lunch and just had girl time. Later that night, when the boys got home, we had dinner together and then off the girls went. We made bows & Ashley worked on a tutu and I made a dress! It was seriously such a fun trip and I cannot wait until our next meet :) we should schedule that soon!! Pics coming soon.



So, you had the C family and your dad staying with you? was that stressful? ha

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