Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Turning Blog friend(s) into Real Life Friends! Part One

We all have them, obviously! Blog friends can be tricky because they are only 'real' to us. Of course, we have real life friends who our husbands and friends are familiar with. However, alot of times, blog friends aren't real to tem until they meet. I have mentioned before that my hubs refers to blog friends as 40 year old men, and goes as far to nickname them the city they reside in! That is all about to change because this weekend (tomorrow, actually!) we are meeting up with my first blog friend!
I think my hubs (and Ashley's) are probably going to pee their pants when they realize we are 'real'. Because in their heads we are legit 40 year old men! I am not saying that doesn't happen, just not in this case. There are so many emotions when meeting for the first time, in my opinion. I am SO.VERY.EXCITED- Ashley and I have so much in common it is pretty crazy! I am nervous- what if she doesn't like me (us) and we don't click? What if Aaron hates Ryan, or vice versa? What if she goes into labor here? (actually, that one would be okay and exciting! Sorry girl lol)
I have been preparing for weeks now and I am so happy the time has finally come! We have a general idea of our to-do lists, food lists made and bought, and everything is just about ready to go! I hope they have a blast and this becomes a life long friendship. Maybe a marriage between our kids? Haha, I kid, I kid! Maybe. ;) i will be sure to report back with pics and a full catch up of our weekend!



Yayaya I'm so excited to come visit :) I think we'll get along great, we already have so much in common now we just get to talk face-to-face!

I keep having a reoccurring dream that I have the baby when we visit! How crazy would that be?! I told Aaron I'd probably sing "born on the bayou" to her until she's 10, lol.

And that would be hilarious if our kids got married...we would be the best inlaws ever!

Can't wait to see you in a little over a day!


I am really excited for you and cant wait to hear about it!! I have met a couple in real life, but not in a long time. xoxo

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