Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You Know You are a mom when...

*you get excited over cloth diapers!! (if you would have told me I was going to cloth diaper & LOVE it, I would have laughed out loud at you!!)
*you are super pumped for the new dog pen baby play gate pen thing you just ordered for your little girl! Ha she is going to love that one! But, in my defense, I really ordered it to go around Christmas tree, for obvious safety reasons!
*You are ready to put up your Christmas tree with the family and it is only November 2nd.
*You stalk Toys R Us website to see if they have any awesome deals you can snatch up!
*When your child's room has 4 already bought Christmas/Birthday presents! Gasp!
*you are thinking about making a wish list for a first birthday!

I am sure that I am forgetting some things but this is pretty much how I am feeling at this moment, ha!! So for real though, I have been thinking about creating Lexi a wish list for her 1st bday, just so guests have an idea of what to get. Is that too rude/annoying? Honestly? I think it is kinda ridiculous in a way but in the same way I kinda understand. Like two weekends ago when I was scratching my head on what to bring to the two first birthdays we attended!



It's not crazy to have a wishlist for lexi's 1st birthday. I did one for W like 3 months ago, unfortunately it doesn't seem as though anyone has actually followed it and they are buying what they want. I can't wait to see the gifts you got for her :-)

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

NOT rude! Do it. YOu dont have to include it in invites, but if people ask- you can direct them to it. I LOVE registries and wish lists :) Makes my life easier.
And, good point about the xmas tree. I have our play yard thing set up around the wood stove and tv but we will have to think of something for the tree!

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