Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, & Weekend Catch Up!

We have have had a wonderful weekend! It was so relaxing and such a nice time! Thanksgiving we had family time and Lexi met some new family and close friends. We pretty much just hung out all day and relaxed before we went out for Black Friday. Lexi has been a cranky pants all weekend so she just stayed with me and Ryan mainly. Her YaYa watched her Thursday night when we went shopping and I think she had a blast! She slept great and we got a full  nights rest, which was such a treat!!
Black Friday- what a DISASTER!! They should most definitely do away with it or do it differently or something. We went to Walmart at 8:30 because Ryan's cousin Rachel wanted a laptop and we wanted to get in line early for some nice deals. Well we walk in and it is a mad house! All the things that weren't supposed to even open til 10pm were opened and people were everywhere. It wasn't handled correctly at all. There was almost fights over Xbox and other electronics. Well at 10pm we decided to check out-which took forever. This is where I got pissed. Walmart decided that if the items weren't ringing up at the right price that they won't price correct it! How ridiculous is that? Your ad says one thing and you aren't going to stick by it? Wow way to go Walmart! So instead of arguing with them I said forget it, I will buy those items elsewhere. So after that nightmare we didn't even get all of what we wanted so next year Walmart will not be getting my money or my time. After that we decided to just go home and get some sleep since we didn't think the mall was going to be open yet. We woke up the next morning and went shopping again. We scored some really great deals! However, next year I think I will be doing the shopping online.
We decorated and cleaned Saturday while daddy worked and today we went to see Santa! We also learned that our restaurant days are officially over! (They have been since lexi was born but now it is official official-which is okay with me) Oh and I got my christmas present early since the hubs got his early :) merry Christmas to me, I love it! And now for the pics...

 As you can tell we did a terrible job of getting pics! And little miss would not wear her matching bow, but Christmas will have more pics, promise!


HIS daughter

Hey :) My name is Katy and I found you via Callie Nicole and her post on cloth diapering! I am 21 weeks pregnant and getting more and more convinced cloth diapering is definitely the way to go!
Besides that I am amazed about walmart on black friday! I have never really gone black friday shopping but my mom actually went this year and she said it was crazy just a lot of greed which is sad. Whew sounded like quite the experiance!!!
Blessings :)


Walmart claims they will match any horrific! I got a really great TV deal last year at Walmart. Since the stores open so can still grab great deals at a normal 9 in the morning. I'm glad Thanksgiving was good though!

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