Thursday, November 3, 2011

Whole Milk Weaning

So I am going to post on our experiences with milk weaning. Not sure if it will help anyone but just in case and also for my own personal reference in the future!
Ever since Lexi was just a couple hours old we have had formula issues. I tried breastfeeding, it just didn't suffice her hunger so in the beginning we had to supplement formula. We tried just regular Enfamil Newborn formula and learned the hard way that it made her little tummy ache. After arguing with the pediatrician to let me switch her he finally agreed to Enfamil Gentlease. Once my milk finally came in she was almost completely EBF, with formula here and there but very rarely. Well she spit up excessively from the beginning and they diagnosed her with reflux at 2 weeks and they told me I had to put cereal in her bottles and that would help her. She started cereal early needless to say. Well about 8 weeks old they figured out that for some reason the breastmilk made her much sicker and made her spit up more so we slowly weaned her completely to formula. I was sad but what could I do? My child was screaming in pain all day everyday! It was terrible,this was also when her colic started but that is a completely diff story! So her reflux stayed horrible and she never outgrew it. We were in and outta the doctor every.single.week. and it was quite ridiculous. When she was 3 months and 4 weeks the doctor suggested that we start her on solids, he thought that would help with her reflux. So here we are at almost 11 months and completely off formula, on whole milk, and all table foods. The formula has always been a batttle so we decided to just switch her to milk and give her a daily vitamin. We made the transition slowly, starting out with 2oz milk & 4oz formula. Then heading to 4oz milk 2oz formula and finally to all milk. We also decided to break the bottle at this point except for before bed & the nights she doesn't sleep all night. She has taken to this very well & rarely spits up!! This makes me one happy mommy!!
I also have a post about our table food experience coming up as well, just mind kinda went blank right now!


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