Monday, November 7, 2011

11 Months!

Dearest Lexi, I can barely believe that in a month you will be 1 year old! That is absolutely insane and I really can't believe a year has gone by already! It is very bittersweet!! You have been so very active this month and your attitude and non-existent patience are really starting to show! You are quite the little meanie as well!! But we still love you so much!! You are turning into a toddler! Here is what you have been up too!!

 Weight: 18lbs 2oz (2 weeks ago)
Length:30 inches tall (home measurements)

You are on all table foods and whole milk!  (You haven't had formula in forever!)
You are still quite the little puff monster and a big snacker. 
This month you broke the bottle except at night and are on a straw cup during the day! 
You drink Mots for Tots juice watered down during the day.
You also drink milk in the morning & at night.
You have been trying lots of new things lately!

You are still quite the little crawler!
You have been taking steps this month but still not doing anything on your own!
I don't think you are ever going to walk, you just arent interested in it.
You still pull up on everything and cruise a whole bunch. 
We officially have a walking baby as of 11-6-2010!

Blonde hair
Blue eyes
8 teeth (3 I can see) (You got the 8th on 11-5-2011)
You had you first Halloween this year and you loved it!!
I just switched out all your onesies from 3-6 to 6-9. Wasn't necessary yet but you like the room :)
You wear size 4 shoes!
Strictly cloth diapers except for Halloween weekend when we stayed with YaYa. Love them!
You are still co-sleeping, stirring alot but usually only waking 1 time a night 1 time a weekish.
Babbling like crazy. I can hear & understand certain things that she says like 'got it, love you, oosh(juice) I think she is going to skip saying words here and there and go strictly to phrases.
 You are still a little cuddle monster & we love it!
You grab your books & crawl or walk to us to read them to you. It's precious!
You have a quite the little attitude and temper. When you don't get your way you throw a fit. Exhibit A to follow!
 This is what else you have been up to this month!

 carefully choosing her candy
yeah she stole the butter tub from the trash... ick!
yes, this is happening! ha
Yeah, she is a climber!
Lexi & her bestie Mali
And a digger...
Lexi & daddy
She did this last night and it was HILARIOUS!! She looks like a scarecrow!
And again today! haha silly girl!
She chases this bear around as he dances trying to kiss him!


Jessica @ a new adventure

She's so beautiful! And such a little peanut!


she's so precious!!! :) I can't believe how big our babies are getting. I'm so not ready for toddler phase.

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