Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What has the world come to?!?!

So yesterday morning I was fbing while Lexi was playing and I saw someone had been arrested in baby Tyler's murder case and that they think it was his mom. I comment on my friends status and ask who baby Tyler was. Apparently he is a 13 month old little boy whose mother decided that since he wouldn't stop crying and cooperate and go back to sleep that she would beat him to death and bring his body a mile down the road by the river. She then continued to report him missing the next morning and made up this whole story. This is very similar to the Casey Anthony case. I kept my mouth shut about that whole situation because even though I was angered over it, there is nothing I can do about it, just to move on and pray something like that never happens again! However, I think this stems back to the Casey Anthony case. Women are seeing that she got away with killing her child so why can't they. I don't know if anyone else has realized lately but there has been a major outburst of childhood violence and abuse since then. That is sick to me! How on earth could you kill or even beat your own child?!?! People are so sick!
Then you see the ads that Milwaukee is running with the baby sleeping with a knife saying that co-sleeping kills. Did they ever take into effect that these mothers might be doing drugs and alcohol while pregnant? I know that they weren't exactly saying that it kills but to be safer about it but I feel like they should be paying closer attention to situations like the one mentioned above. Another example is I have a friend and she has a niece (2 1/2 years old) and nephew. Her sister beats them all the time and is a terrible mother. Well the little girl had a black eye and said that her mommy did it to her and hurt her. So my friend called CPS on her own sister for the safety of the kids. And you know what happened with that? Absolutely nothing! That was an epic fail on the system, and obviously it needs some work.
I just wish these mothers and fathers would think. There are so many people that deal with infertility issues and would gladly adopt these children so that they are safe and loved. And yet these parents are killing them. Enough is enough! Someone needs to be a voice for the innocent children! I will be praying fr all the kids out there that need protection tonight. This really hurts my head and heart to read!



Disgusting...all of it.


This hurts me, Ive had a past of abuse and it's just depressing. It's a horrible environment. It's sad. I over came it..and I wish there were more organizations to help children in this kind of an environment.

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