Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day!

Happy Veteran's Day to all those military men and women and their families who risk their lives to give us freedom! That is such a selfless gift for one  and their family to give. I don't think words could ever express how thankful we truly are! Thanks :)
So this morning i went to get everything set up for the craft show next weekend and I got some very very sad news :( They couldn't take me because they have too many booths doing bows! Makes me sad but maybe it is a blessing in disguise? I have already bought everything and started working on it so I am going to just put it on my Etsy Shop and pray it sells with the upcoming holidays! I also have another great opportunity in the works, if it works out it would be such a major blessing!! I also got my business cards in yesterday, and was very impressed, so if anyone would like some for themselves and to promote, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Tonight I think we are going to our new Toys R Us and make Lexi a wish list for her birthday and Christmas to kinda help people out a bit! I love toys r us so I am way pumped! Plus I think it is going to be fun family time for us and give us a chance to get outta the house!

Tomorrow Lexi and I will be taking a trip to go visit her Great grandpa and her nanny Linda. We are going to help them paint and also just to spend some time with them! We love to see our family, it really reminds me of growing up. I remember so many memories from there house and I think it is so great that Lexi gets to make some wonderful memories there as well!
Welp I think that is all, so I hope everyone has a blessed and family filled weekend!


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