Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lexi's First Halloween!

This year was Lexi's first Halloween and our day was a little different than I had expected! We had a 'baby' Halloween party planned, but due to some sad news I couldn't make it! Thursday one of Ryan's biggest male influence when he was growing up passed. This was expected, he has been suffering very badly for a long while now. He was such a great man and he will surely be  missed but he definitely has a mansion up in heaven that he is in right now, and boy does he deserve that!! So yesterday bright and early I went and got my hair redone by a friend and cut :) so I guess I will include a pic of that. I have zero self confidence so sorry the pic is terrible!! but Lexi had a blast trick or treating! She was laughing, smiling, and screaming most the time and it was so cute! She kept reaching in her candy bucket like she knew what the candy was ha! silly girl!! She is way cute! Then we stopped by some family and headed home. Lexi had her first sucker last night and unfortunately I don't have any pics! She devoured it! She was down to the tootsie roll in like no time at all! Then she accidentally dropped it and screamed bloody murder for about 15 mins!! It was crazy! I don't know if it was worth the sticky mess ha! Well I will stop blabbering now, here are the pics :) enjoy!!!
This is the outfit & bow she wore during the day!
Our little zebra baby clapping!! She was taking steps right before this! 
 mommy & Lexi

My new dye & cut!
Lexi & her nanny
Lexi & her Ran (paranh)
Lexi & her great grandpa! I love this pic! They were having a deep conversation :)

And last but not least while we were in town I got to visit my little man! He was 11 days old here :)



I love your hair, the cut and color is soo cute! Lexi looks adorable in her costume :)

So sorry to here about your husband's mentor, but it sounds like he's celebrating with Jesus!

Callie Nicole

Love your hair!

Jessica @ a new adventure

Those outfits are so cute! I absolutely love the bow.


great outfits and the costume is so cute! Love your new hair too :)

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